On Gaddy/Bradley

With Washington-based basketball recruiting targets and Bellarmine Prep teammates Abdul Gaddy and Avery Bradley losing earlier than anticipated in an AAU tournament in SoCal, it apparently did UCLA no favors.
I was hearing Gaddy and Bradley were going to stop by campus Friday, the first day players could meet up during unofficial visits, to get a look around campus and talk to the coaching staff.
Instead, the word I received was both were heading home and would not come by campus.

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  • miltk

    THAT in itself is significant. They’re simply not interested, and it sounds like visiting is either an inconvenience or a waste of time.

    Good luck wherever they go, and btw, for right now it seems like it AIN’T gonna be Memphis.

  • DanO

    forget about them already. Was never going to happen.

    And Memphis will do ok, I’m sure.

  • Anonymous

    Unofficial visits aren’t free. It might be that they can’t afford to pay for the visist. No need to take it as the players not interested. Relax…

  • Memphis ScumBag U

    keep an eye out for his brother, Aaron, who’s only 11 but already can shoot the lights out. Aaron made four 3-pointers in a game not so long ago. “That’s Aaron’s specialty,” said his father, Shawn Holiday.

  • Memphis ScumBag U

    This is turning into a EVEN BIGGER story.

    The corporation relationship between Fed Ex and the NCAA is rather “healthy one”.

    So, with this nice $$$ relationship, the NCAA has NO option but, to have some heavy set sanctions on Memphis Scumbag U. Anything else would suggest some corporate partnership.
    There is NO WAY in this world anything like this should of happened and should NEVER happen again. Thus, deter the possiblility by heavy sanctions.

    We are also interested in the Fed Ex actions.
    What actions are Fed Ex taking.
    There CEO has clearly and admittedly violated its Code of Conduct. The CEO is on the record as talking about the employees son and that was the sole reason for the call. Major Fed Ex violations by the CEO. Should he resign? He is surely considering it and it has been suggested by Fed Ex internal personnel.
    The Fed Ex ethical board should also review the “other Memphis Fed Ex” boosters. They will discover more irregular conduct, to say the least.

    The NCAA needs to issue its penalities IMMEDIATELY.
    Due to special circumstances,(corporate contract with Fed Ex), Memphis Scumbag U is expected some severe penalites. And rightfully so. Do the Right thing NCAA!

  • UCLAFan

    Memphis coach Calipari spoke without his attorney present and his statements will be used to Terminate the Fed Ex CEO.

    This is what Coach Calipari had to say:
    “”I think in this case, he was talking to an employee, who is a longtime employee,” Calipari said. “I don’t think he did it with any intention of anything except to say, ‘Hey, I’m excited about you and your son.’ There was no intention of anything else, from what Dave said to me, so I think it was an innocent thing. If you want to take a shot at me, or our program, you make a huge deal out of it. But in reality you’re talking about an innocent call from a boss to an employee.”

    And WNBC followed with…
    “Sure, because customers service reps at FedEx often get the random phone call from the CEO just to see how things are going. That’s just how they roll. Nope, nothing to see here.”

    So, combine the aforementioned statements by Coach Calipari and the self admission by the CEO of his illegal contact, no wonder the Fed Ex legal department is in some serious trouble with the termination of Fed Ex CEO.

    This is a MAJOR legal issue for the FedEx Counsel department because the Fed Ex CEO has admitted to his actions and it is a CLEAR vioaltion of the Fed Ex code of conduct. Thus, the Legal department has no choice for termination.

    [U]Fed Ex employees will benefit[/U]:
    If there is not termination of the Fed Ex CEO;then, the Fed Ex legal department will have NO enforcement of termination of ANY Fed Ex employee. The Fed Ex attorneys will have no defense in terminating any Fed Ex employee. If the top official of Fed Ex is allowed to grossly violated its code of conduct;then, no one else will be required to follow such codes.
    Thus, if you are a Fed Ex employee ;then, you can NEVER be terminated. You have your job for life, if you like.

    If you are a Fed Ex employee and facing a termination;then, hire a labor attorney.
    Your attorney will win and you will have your job back.