Seasonal goal

UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel won’t call this a rebuilding year, but also isn’t making any bold predictions about what he wants this season. But he did make it clear that he wants UCLA playing better at the end of the season because it will be important in recruiting.
“I don’t want to fall prey to, ‘Its okay not to be good,’ nor do I want to put a number what it is for us to call ourselves successful,” Neuheisel said. ” “I just want to make sure that we are getting better and that I feel momentum when we go into homes in December. That’s my goal.”

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More jersey talk

I spoke to the Pacific-10 office today regarding the jersey situation for the UCLA vs. USC football game, and was told the decision does not lie with Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen (as UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel suggested).
Instead, the decision to allow both teams to wear home jerseys for a game is an NCAA rule.
And a reader was kind enough to email this to me, so I shall share it with you:

Rule 1-4 Article 3 on page FR-30 (or thereabouts) says the visiting team needs to wear white unless there is a prior agreement to do otherwise, in which case, the home team apparently wears white.

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Talkin’ ’bout practice

UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel said the first few practices will be divided differently than many other programs so the backups get more reps.
“We will have a 3:00 (p.m.) session and a a 4:40 (p.m.) session, with the middle session being our special teams, when everybody is on the field. But that way we will have (two) one hour and 20 minutes so everybody is getting reps.
“Meaning at 3:00 one half of the team will be on the field and we will go through and hour and 20 minute practice including the stretching. There will be only two units out there so they are going to get all of it.
“Then for that 4:20 to 4:40 window you’re going to have all the team out there, but that is your special teams. And at 4:40 you will have the other half of the team taking those same reps.
“Now because it is only a three hour block and the rule of one practice is three hours, if we want players to be out there for all three, we can do it.”
Neuheisel said the first and third teams will work during one session, and the second teams will work against the fourth team.
That new practice schedule will be in effect until the players are in full gear, on the fiftrh day of practice.

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Neuheisel on RT

In talking about UCLA’s right tackle position, Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel said it could be tough for converted tight end Nate Chandler to win the starting spot in training camp since he made the move only a few weeks ago.
However, Neuheisel left little question as to how good Chandler could be in the coming seasons.
“He’s as good an athlete as we have on the front,” Neuheisel said. “How quick his strength and weight get to a place where he’s not going to be overmatched, and his learning curve …those are all questions. But I certainly like the prospect of what he’ll look like a year from now. I think he’s a bonafide NFL prospect.”

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Neuheisel on Lockett

I spoke to UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel during Pacific-10 media day about his decision to suspend strong safety Bret Lockett for the Sept. 1 opener against Tennessee for committing a violation of the team’s academic policy.
And while I do not find it necessary to reveal what it was, it was a similar incident to what a player did under former coach Karl Dorrell. And Dorrell did not suspend the player.
“I’ve been guilty of it in the past, in my own mind, of not being pro-active enough in disciplining (players),” Nueheisel said. “I just want to make sure there are consequences to every action.”

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Hoops adds LMU

UCLA men’s basketball added Loyola Marymount to its schedule. The teams will meet Dec. 17 at Pauley Pavilion.
The Bruins also will face Biola University in an exhibition game Nov. 7 at Pauley.

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