Answers, Part I

Hey, folks, thanks for all the questions this week. I will be running the breakdowns of UCLA’s positions this weekend, and posting any news that may break, so check back over the weekend for some info on it.
Remember, training camp opens Tuesday, so check back regularly to keep updated.
There will be 10 sets of answers today, so let’s get it started. Here is the first group:

There was a story on the Web last week about a high school coach in No. Calif. who invented something called the “A-11 Offense” which a series of trick formations like an off-center snap, tackle-eligible plays, etc. This coach claims that San Jose St. will be using his offense this season and that other college coaches like Norm Chow have contacted him about lifting a play or two from his book. Are Chow and Neuheisel wont to using some trick plays this year?
I did not see the story, but here is the link for the A-11 offense. I have not talked to Chow or Neuheisel about it, but I will, and if they say anything noteworthy, it will either be in the paper or on the blog.

Obviously, you didn’t see the D. Edwards de-commit coming. Giving us your best-guess based on your sources, what is the likelihood we nab Siddoway, Shaq Evans, Phillip, Ertz, and Hasiak?
I didn’t see the Edwards situation coming, and neither did my sources. Unfortunately, things like that happen in the wacky world of recruiting. As far as the players you mention, when it comes down to it, I think UCLA will get Philipp, and I will not be surprised if Hasiak or Evans goes to UCLA. I will put Ertz at 50-50, and Siddoway as a long shot.

Do you also see us extending offers to local kids like Cliff Harris and Rolondo Jefferson?
At this point, no, but things change.

Last week, you mentioned EJ Woods, and how he hasn’t been on campus. Is he currently enrolled, or is there a chance the clearinghouse keeps him from enrolling?
At this time, it is not a clearinghouse issue. I do not feel comfortable going any further with it, but as of now he is expected to be at the start of training camp.

What would cause us to lose 3 commits, given our great coaching staff with plenty of NFL experience?
Two of the kids (Myron Pollard and Byron Moore Jr.) are concerned about defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker’s long-term status with the program. Walker is being mentioned as becoming a head coach at another program in the next year or two, and other programs are using that against UCLA. As for Donovan Edwards, my sources say UCLA is not too broken up over him not coming to Westwood.

To your knowledge, what is the minimum SAT score and GPA average that would get the “average” kid into UCLA on a football scholie?
It is an impossible question to answer because it is done on a sliding scale. If a kid has a 3.0 GPA, his SAT score would not have to be as high as a kid with a 2.7 GPA. UCLA also requires a certain GPA in core classes, and other factors exist. One example I can give is if a player comes from a less fortunate background and has to work a job after school to support his family, his case can be presented to the admissions committee and the circumstances would be different than a player without a job that did not need to help support his family.

what more can you tell us about the D.Edwards decommit? Did he just want to stay closer to home? After watching that video you posted about the CAL athletic facilities, I don’t get why any serious athlete would want to go there.
I’ve written all there is to write. That is, until Edwards decides to return one of my calls.

Have you heard anything about the Wear kids de-committing from UNC?
I keep hearing it is a possibility, but I do not know if it is recruiting rhetoric or if an actually possibility.

did Snaer move away from us because we are recruiting Bradley and Gaddy?
I’ve been told the move away with Snaer was mutual, but it didn’t have anything to do with Bradley or Gaddy.

Finally, what is the latest with Stover?
He will be trimming his list to his top five shortly, and he said he wanted to make some visits before making a final decision. I’m also hearing he may want to wait and see how recruiting shakes out with other players before making his decision.

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  • ucla fan

    I read the A11 info, very cool stuff. But those coaches who invented it did not say which college coaches they are dealing with about the offense. Just that 35 or so have inquired about it. Never mentioned Chow or Slick Rick, although I hope they did check it out.

    Looks like a fun offense to watch.

    Big Bruin