It’s a snap?

Here is a notebook I wrote for today’s paper, mostly about how UCLA did not vary snap counts last season.
And here is a quote from Micah Reed about the change should help the offense:
“I think it’s a huge help,” Reed said. “Last year, it hurt us a few times. We always lined up and did the same thing. Now, if we’re changing the snap count in practice, when we get to a game it’s going to help us out. We’ll be able to catch the other team off guard.”

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  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Are we talking rocket science here? It takes a new coaching staff to “install” multiple snap counts? The fact that last year’s team did not is either an indictment of the prior staff (i.e., Dorrell, Norvell) or the inability of the O-Line to get their ‘stuff’ together and quit the false starts. Hopefully, it is the former. If the current OL can’t get it together, it is going to be a LONG year. But, I have faith in NeuChoWalker. I have faith in Palcic. I HAVE AUGUST HOPE!

    Wow! Multiple snap counts and passing to the TEs and RBs . . . . sideline to sideline . . . . This offense sure looks better than last year . . . and they haven’t even had one play from scrimmage, yet.


  • mindshed

    ummm… isn’t that “Football 101”? Another example of how Karl should have an XBOX or something to help him out.

  • alxandr

    When I read the article I was shocked, I couldn’t believe that top program couldn’t learn to go on different snap counts. My 6 year old knows the difference between going on 1 or going on 2. And to think once they had trouble with it, to just get rid of it? urgh, well better times are ahead…

  • Lloyd Lake

    WOW is an understatement. Last year the play-calling was pathetic. Run up the middle 3x, and always on the same snap count, 1. No wonder our offense was so bad.

    One other thing comes to mind. If the snap count was always on 1, how the heck did we have ANY false start penalties last year?? Logan Paulsen was guilty of a few I remember.

  • Anonymous

    these players made the mistakes of jumping offsides and now they’re piling on

  • Fan4Life

    And yet the team still won 6 games and almost a 7th even though the other team knew the snap count. Not bad.

    QBs, linemen and receivers probably had too much on their minds with postsnap reads to have their minds overloaded with the snapcount.

  • Burbank Bruin

    Wow, I always knew KD was UCLA football’s worst head coach ever, but this little tidbit gives us some more perspective on the actual depths of his gross incompetence. I don’t mean to be overly vituperative, but I think we can pile this on the multitude of other things he did during his tenure that made it so obvious he was unqualified for the position.

  • brewnz

    Now we know why the QB’s were getting so beat up. I agree with the comment about XBOX, anyone knows you need to vary the snap count to keep the defense honest. I do remember the OL being offsides a lot early in the season, but I thought they just improved. There has to be a better solution than going on ‘1’ everytime.

    I won’t go as far as Burbank Bruin in indicting KD, but I will say that limiting the snap count was unfair to the offensive line and gave the defense an advantage.

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    props to burbank bruin on the vocab, and to mindshed on the xbox comment.

  • ProdigalBruin

    Static Snap Count = Collapsed Lung!

    Knowing this I feel even worse for both Ben and Pat.

    Sitting ducks….

  • Anonymous

    This is hilarious! You are ripping on the coaching staff because the PLAYERS couldn’t handle multiple snap counts. Is this the twilight zone here?? So much for the UCLA education. I guess that is what you get when “special admits” make up much of your team.