A few more no-go’s

In addition to QB Ben Olson not practicing today (it’s not thought to be serious, just soreness in his foot), WR Terrence Austin, OL Scott Glicksberg, DL Jerzy Siewierski and DL Jeff Miller are not practicing.

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  • scott

    Looks like someone else is a no-go… Sanchez injured today (knee injury–severity unknown)


    For anybody who has spent any time on the sidelines watching football scrimmages, it is amazing that any one is left standing at the end of the year.

    That said, the quarterback position is the most important on the team, and these guys are the most vulnerable to injury i.e. standing there buck naked looking down field while 250 pound behemoths trained to take your head off are zeroing in on you. And so backup quarterbacks are quite important as SC and ucla will probably find out.