Harris update, and pre-practice report

OL Mike Harris has a sprained right ankle and will be out a few weeks. It is being termed a high ankle sprain.
Quarterback Ben Olson is here, but on crutches as he readies for surgery.
The good news for the Bruins is many of the players who sat out the last few days are back and dressed for practicing, including DL Jeff Miller, DT Brian Price and DT Jerzy Sierwierski.

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    Well, as a non-interested observer, I would say this spells big trouble. Whether you liked Olson or not, he was the best hope for a respectable season. Now there are 2, maybe 3, guys competing for the most important football position who have virtually zip experience at this level. History dictates that teams with 1st year quarterbacks, unless blessed with a great supporting cast, will greatly struggle to win.

  • Rich

    Not sure if many people would agree with you, Onlythetruth. The immediate knee-jerk reaction is to say, “Oh no, we just lost our #1!” But once the immediate panic quiets down, we all realize Olson was not this season’s Great Hope (and he only won it after Cowan went down). He was just a stop-gap measure until a younger QB stepped up. He’s too frail, not mobile enough with a bad OL, and just never lived up to his potential, unfortunately. No offense to a fine young man, but better this happened now then later in the season — when it was sure to happen, given his injury history. Now we can start building for the future and go for a more mobile QB NOW.

  • Fan4Life

    Craft played 9 games of D1 football at SDSU as a freshmen before transferring including some 700 plus yards passing yards. I suppose you can debate whether SDSU plays D1 football but I wouldn’t call that “zip experience.”

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    in his defense, he did say zip experience ‘at this level.’ you sorta mentioned sdsu not being a high level, so you kinda made his point and then argued against what you just said.