No practice tonight

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel is rewarding the players by canceling tonight’s practice, allowing the players to break from training camp a few hours earlier.
The Bruins’ game prep for Tennessee will kick into high gear when practice begins Thursday. Also, keep in mind this morning’s practice was the last one open to the public.
A couple of side notes:
–Bruins offensive coordinator Norm Chow will throw out the first pitch tonight at the Dodgers game.
–Given the state of UCLA’s offensive line, one of the music selections from this morning’s practice brought loads of chuckles. It was Jay Z’s show me what you got, which begins “This is a state of emergency.”

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  • Anonymous

    “It was Jay Z’s show me what you got, which begins “This is a state of emergency.”

    Funny because it’s true! But I think it was a refernce to the entire team, not just the OL. What’s the best way to deal with this? Day off of practice!! Right on!

  • VB

    Neuheisel should make them practice MORE because of that ditch day the players pulled in spring camp.

    Nevertheless, for the sake of being positive for the sensitive Bruin fans on this blog, I will concur that the needed rest should pay dividends before preparation for Tennessee.

    GO BRUINS!!! 12 DAYS!!

    p.s. I bet Dohn is pretty happy right now. He doesn’t have to work tonight. pfffffffffff….