Real-life issue

I give a lot of credit to Milton Knox for being at practice Thursday. I heard great things about his character during the recruiting process, and saw it first hand Thursday.
Knox said his father, Milton Sr., suffered a minor heart attack Wednesday and underwent bypass surgery.
“I was with him all night at the hospital,” Knox said. “They said he is going to be all right, and were even talking about him coming home early.”
Milton Jr. easily could have bagged practice, especially knowing he is playing on the scout team, but chose to take part in it anyway.

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  • PR

    May Mr. Knox have a speedy recovery and I hope to see him in the parent section many times this year. UCLA loves Pacoima too!

  • ucibruin

    thanks for the post brian. ucla leads the city (at least) in guys with character, and has a lot more than are written about. it is truly what makes ucla a special place. i always appreciate that you take notice of some cases, and write about them. thanks again, it helps make you a special writer too.

  • melanogaster

    classy kid and very well brought up – we’re lucky to have him. a bruin through and through and a star 2 years out.

  • Jigs

    Thanks Brian. Blog postings that discuss the high character of our kids is always nice. Best wishes to the Knox family.


    Nice story.

    But bloggers please spare me the ‘ucla has all the character guys’ nonsense. Colleges throughout this nation have fine character guys on their teams as well. Out of 100 kids how many do you think are “bad” on average? A small percentage. Unfortunately, they often get most of the pub’.

    And to play football at this level one has to have discipline, fortitude, bravery, persistence, patience, and willing to put in hard work. That is character. And that is your average football player.

    Do you have it?

  • ucibruin

    to those bloggers whose names belie their actual posts, you might refrain from commenting on issues of character here. if there were no bloggers here who claimed your exact quote, and if you are inclined to misquote others, it actually puts you in a bad light. we have no need for that type of misquote here.


    It was a certain blogger’s quote that set me off: “ucla leads the cty (at least) in guys with character.” A knock on every other college in Los Angeles that plays football is pretty parochial and conceited thinking, wouldn’t one agree?

    Just saying.

  • alxandr

    My hats off to the Kid…

  • Zippy

    TRUTH – Maybe he was merely giving UCLA credit as he sees it (or wants to see it), and NOT necessarily knocking other L.A. colleges. Or, maybe TRUTH is just SOFT and WHINEY, which is why you manipulated the original comment/quote to help firm up your position on your high-horse…

  • Brian Dohn

    My goodness. The post was about a kid’s father having a heart attack, and it turns into another session of complaining and bickering. It is quite disgusting. Show at least a morsel of class, please.


    Sorry, my bad.

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    regardless of anybody else’s character, this kid is amazing. first i read this, and then his most recent comments about redshirting (though this is obviously more impressive) and you can’t help but cheer for him. best of luck to his family as well.

  • Tyler Durden

    I think it would have shown more character if Milton had been at the hospital with his dad, taking care of him.

    but a football practice is obviously more important than family.

  • TruBruin

    One of my biggest disgust with the media is their need to focus on only on the negative and rarely print or post stories about people who demonstrate the quality of their character and act in a way that make us proud of them. Kudos to Brian Dohn for this post and articles like the one on Brigham Harwell.

    The ONLY TRUTH is that some people have ISSUES and are to pre occupied searching for something to be negative
    about so they can remain in their negative world

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    i hate to comment on this post 3 days after the fact, but i felt that i had to, in order to tell tyler durden that he’s a horrible person.