Answers, Part III

Here is the third set of answers:

Is Snaer still a target for hoops?
Yup. He is still looking at UCLA, and UCLA is still interested in him. That said, I still view him as a long-shot for the Bruins.

Do we have a legit chance to flip any committed recruits from other schools?
I’m guessing you are talking football, but even if it is basketball, the answer is yes. These coaches don’t stop recruiting because a player committed somewhere else.

Do you believe recruits like Brehaut and Golper can convince other top talent to come here?
Not really. I think the kids can have an impact, but at the end of the day, I don’t think a kid goes to a school because another recruit convinced him to.

How impressed have recruits been with the pace of practice and the coaching staff when they’ve visited?
Hard to tell because all the kids see is something at a high level when compared to high school. Kids used to come by practice and talk about the high pace of practice when Karl Dorrell was the coach.

Are we ever going to get the forward and backward tabs back? Its especially annoying on Fridays, when I’m going through all the questions & answers and have to go back to the home page.
I’m hopeful that will happen, along with some of the other changes/alterations folks asked about a few months back. I’m told the tech folks will begin working on those things soon. But for now, on the left side of the page, there is a list of recent entries you can click on so you don’t have to go back to the main page.

This may have already been discussed, but wasn’t one of Dorrell’s recruiting classes for offensive line ranked pretty high a couple of years ago? If so, where are those players now.
Yes, it was the class that included Micah Kia, Andy Keane, Brandon Bennett, Sonny Tevaga and Jake Dean. The class didn’t develop like many thought it would, and part of the problem is Bob Palcic is the third offensive line coach they’ve had in their three seasons. Another problem is offensive linemen are the toughest to project from high school to college, and some mistakes were made.

I know you are not a UCLA “fan,” but would you like to join a fantasy football league for UCLA fans?
No thanks. I don’t want to be humbled that much by finishing last, and destroying any ounce of credibility I may have.

Do you think the hiring of RN may jeopardize DG’s chances of being NCAA president assuming any whiff of impropriety is found with the program?
No, I don’t see it that way. One decision wouldn’t ruin his reputation nationally, especially when he can point out he tried to hire a number of other coaches first, and was turned down. Circumstances can always be explained away.

What’s the status of some of the tech requests that you were checking on? A lot of people wanted links to previous post/next post at the top, for example. Any answers from your tech guys?
We had some major behind-the-scenes renovations for the website and blog over the summer, but I was told by our main tech guy that some of those changes were going to try and be implemented by the start of the college season.

Who do you think would be a better QB: Sig, Phil, Jonathan, or Keith?
Sig, without question. He would be calm and cool in the pocket, and keep the team organized. Phil and Jonathan would be like watching Brett Favre, you will get some great plays, but they would force passes in where they shouldn’t be. But it would be exciting. And Captain Keith would be benched because he would lose his cool the first time a receiver dropped a pass. The arguments on the bench would be legendary.

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  • DERF18

    LOL! Captain Keith and his brother arguing was CLASSIC!
    Just a tad better than Edward (Edwin?) and Sig’s sibling rivalry.

    Ah, little brothers. Nature’s punching bags.