Answers, Part IV

Here is the fourth installment:

I have heard that 65,000 tickets have been sold for the Tennessee game. Is that a correct amount?
That is the number I’ve been hearing, unless there is a good walk-up.

During a “dead perior”, are schools completely barred from contact with recruits? Can they still offer scholarships?
A dead period bars face to face meetings on or off campus with recruits. However, scholarships can be offered via mail, email or if a recruit calls a coach.

If none of the UCLA QBs have a breakout season this year, what is the percentage chance that Brehaut will be the starting QB for the opener in 2009?
Better than 70 percent, as long as Brehaut comes in and performs well in training camp.

With the O-line being decimated, has there been talk of using Christian Yount in a capacity other than that of LS?
No. He is not in the mix for that. Yount is a long snapper, and that is it.

Any resentment from Walker for losing some defensive guys to the OL? How exactly does the process work?
Not at all. When a guys is taken from one position and moved to another (like Darius Savage or Jess Ward), they are usually not guys that are going to play marquee roles in their original spot. There is plenty of communication within the staff before such a move is made.

Last week I asked about how dire the OL situation is and responded “very dire”. I know the offense is just starting game prep for Tennesee, but did you see much in the practices to date on how Norm Chow is going to deal with this significant weakness? Should we expect to see a lot of screen passes, quick slants or maybe even some Bob Toledo style trick plays? How does the inexperieicne at QB affect the situation? I am looking for a ray of sunshine in this dismal forecast, is there any?
I’m not going to get into the specifics of UCLA’s game plan, because that is part of the agreement of practices being open to the media while closed to everyone else. However, for those who watched practice when it was open, there were plenty of three-step drops being used. If you are looking for a ray of sunshine, I am not the one to go to. I don’t see a very promising season on the horizon.

I saw on that Derrick Favors was interested in UCLA. what do you know about this and do we have a shot at him?
For those that don’t know, he’s a basketball center out of Atlanta. I think it will be a reach to believe UCLA could land him. I see him staying in the SEC or ACC.

if howland picks up stovar? do you think he can also pick up smith the year after???
I have no idea. I don’t think, UCLA’s mind, getting Stover would impact a decision on Smith.

Do you think UCLA +7 will cover the spread ?
No, I don’t. I think UCLA will keep it close most of the game, but will fall by more than seven points.

what is the biggest difference you see between Dorrell’s offense and Chow’s offense.
Well, I’d like to see Chow’s offense in a game or two before making any statements, but from what I’ve seen in practice and scrimmages, Chow is a gifted play caller who understands how to keep a defense off balance.

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