Answers, Part XIV

Here is the next to last batch of answers for this week’s Q&A.

It may be too early to tell but, in a goal line situation, will the coaches let Bell run the ball into the endzone or just put Chane Moline in and let him plow in there?
I have no idea, but my money is on Moline being given the first chance to get the tough yard.

in a non-redzone situation, will Dean be the 3rd running back or would it be Moline and then Dean?
Are we talking short yardage? I that case, I believe it will still be Moline.

Jake Dean and Micah Kia were 4 star recruits according to Many of our other linemen were 3 star recruits. Why is it that they lack so much skill at UCLA?
Because stars don’t mean a thing when talking about individual players, and offensive linemen are the most difficult players to project from high school to college.

Currently Tennessee is favored by 7 points over UCLA in Vegas. Based on your in depth reporting of the team, do you see UCLA staying no more than 7 points behind the Vols at the end of the game?
I see UCLA losing by more than seven points, but the Vols pulling away close. That said, I see UCLA’s warts on a daily basis because I am at every practice. I don’t get to see Tennessee in the same way.

during the fb press briefings for which you have been posting audio, are you usually the one asking most of the questions?
I do ask a lot of questions, I will say that.

Do coaches pay any attention to various recruiting rankings?
Not the good coaches.

I read that Norm Chow will not be on the field during the Tenessee game but will upstairs. Is that normal protocal and will Norm be calling all plays from the booth?
Yes, that is normal protocol. Most offensive coordinator sit at the press box level because it gives them a better look at the defensive formations.

whose idea was it to have Q&A. Your editor? Blog visitors? Yourself? I must say that this is the time of the week on the web that I look most forward to.
It was mine. But I will say this, I saw Scott Wolf do it on the USC blog and liked the idea, so incorporated into the UCLA blog.

Keeping with the Olympic spirit, here is a list of visitors by country on this blog:
United States 79.3%
Germany 4%
Great Britain (UK) 1.9%
Italy 1.5%
Canada 1.5%
India 1%
Other 10.8%
Not sure where the question is, so I will ask my own. Where did you find those numbers? And how is 10.8 percent of other not broken down?

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  • ubcrluain

    Brian, in response to your question, I found it at

    Upon a second look, I think these are stats for people who visited the website, not just “Inside UCLA.” If your feeling curious, try to find out. Suggestion: develop a counter on the bottom of the main page to see how many people logged on to see it. It would be interesting to see how interested people are for this blog.