• J.J

    Worst audio I have ever heard in my life. Not what Neuheisel says the actual audio quality is very bad.

  • mike04

    Interesting that Prince and Crissman are gaining up or passing Forcier.


    Why schedule a perennial power such as Tennessee as your first game of the year? Most of the powers play a “cupcake” as its warm-up game, sometimes two before embarking on the “real” schedule.

    The kids come out of a month of hard, hard workouts, and now are filled with youthful optimism and excitement about the season. To have that crushed right off the bat can set the stage for a severe mental letdown that can affect future performance.

    Oh well, ucla voluntarily scheduled the Volunteers to open its 2008 year, so now play the hand you were dealt bruins.

  • gubon13

    Point taken, OTT, but it’s not like RN chose this game. I’m sure he’d love to play Cupcake U as first coached game at UCLA, but he’s playing the hand HE was dealt.

    The one positive I see from this is that if we somehow win, the confidence boost that will give the kids (and the coaching staff) will be enormous. Even if we keep the game honest but lose, the coaches can build off of that.

    Now, if we get embarrassed, that probably doesn’t bode well for player confidence.

  • Anonymous

    The Tennessee game was originally supposed to be Sept 6th but was moved to Labor Day to accomodate ESPN. The Fresno St game on Sept 27 was originally scheduled to be this Saturday.

    A national primetime showcase to open the season and the “fans” are already finding something to complain about.