Post-practice goodies

UCLA offensive line coach Bob Palcic told me today after practice he settled on a starting five, although it is contingent on the health of Micah Kia.
It will be: RT Nick Ekbatani, RG Sonny Tevaga, C Micah Reed, LG Scott Glicksberg and LT Kia of Brandon Bennett.
Kia was at practice today with his hand heavily wrapped, with no fingers exposed. It is uncertain when he will return to practice, but coach Rick Neuheisel things it will be this week.
There was also another injury when WR Terrence Austin injured his right wrist while trying to recover a fumble. However, x-rays were negative and Neuheisel said Austin should be ready for Tennessee.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for all the great reporting work you do! I really appreciate it.

    I was hoping I could get your opinion on something. With the success of the spread offense in recent years, do you think it’s something Norm Chow might consider incorporating into his offense? If so, do you think Ucla could have success running it in the future?

    That’s not to say anything bad about his current offensive style. I have great respect for it.
    I’m just curious to see if you think he would consider it.

    Also, do you think our defense is equipped to handle a spread offense? I just look back at how app state ripped apart michigans defense last year.

    Thanks for any input you may be able to provide!

  • Anonymous

    Q&A is Friday dude.

  • Anonymous

    I dont think that Tevaga will be playing in front of Savage for much longer. Once savage gets it all down, assignment wise, he will be on the field.

  • Mario DiLeo

    These are desperate times for the O-line, so Chow HAS to try everything in his bag o’tricks and even steal a few tricks from someone else…don’t be shocked by any “creative” formations we throw at the Vols…