Press conference tidbits

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said met the media for his weekly press conference, and he spoke about playing Tennessee in the season opener Monday at the Rose Bowl.
“We’re eager to find out where we are,” Neuheisel said.
A couple other quick hitters —
*Neuheisel said defensive tackle Brigham Harwell (back spasms) should return to practice Tuesday. He hasn’t practiced since Thursday.
*Neuheisel added starting left tackle Micah Kia (broken left hand) was being fitted for a custom cast and it was anticipated he would be ready to play.
*”There will be growing pains, but we’ll have to weather those,” Neuheisel said.
*Neuheisel’s first career start came against fellow SEC team Georgia, which somebody brought up.
“I knew it was going to be a tough night when Uga threw up on my shoes,” said Neuheisel, who opined about throwing four interceptions. “I’m not sure which Uga, though.”

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  • Anonymous

    Does anyone remember that game 25 years ago? I think it was Georgia’s first game without HW and that from 1980 – 1983 their record was like 43-3-1. I vaguely remember it rained in Athens and UGA had trouble with Sherrard. Does this sound right?

  • BruinWalk

    I remember a little bit of that Georgia game. Georgia was a highly ranked team at the time. We went into their stadium, marched up and down the field between the 20-yard lines all night, but couldn’t punch into the end zone. I, too, vaguely remember it was raining. I was actually feeling optimistic about our team after the game since we weren’t supposed to be good but we were able to move the ball against a top ranked team.

    Then we lost the next two games and tied our Pac-10 opener. My dreams of a good season was dashed. Miraculously, Neuheisel and the offense gelled after that, and we had one of the most memorable stretch runs ever.

    At the end of the regular season, Illinois, ranked #4 in the nation and winner of 10 straight, was waiting to find out if they would play us or Washington for the Rose Bowl. Some of their players said they wanted Washington because they didn’t think we were good enough for them. Were they surprised and embarrassed when we jumped on them 45-9. Neuheisel and the receivers were on fire as usual. We made them look like the big and slow klutzes from the Midwest. I am sure they were partially relieved when the score board was turned off because of Caltech prank.