Announcing team

Mike Patrick will handle the play-by-play, Todd Blackledge will be the analyst and Holly Rowe is the sideline reporter for UCLA’s opener against Tennessee on ESPN.

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  • mrybill2

    Isn’t Mike Patrick! that announcer who only! knows how to talk! in exclamations!? Holy Cow!!

  • BRUINzor

    this game will probably be shown at (i hope) for free, so if u dont have cable, or will be somewhere without it, and dont know about, then u should head on over there and check it out!

    i wish there was a section with posts on where to watch the games online, especially the FSN games…

  • BruinFanBaby

    Thank goodness I will be at the Rose Bowl and not have to listen to Patrick. He’s awful.


    But back to the SC football monopoly comments, 31 strong as of this writing. It is hilarious how fans can get so worked up over nonsense. Does it matter what a coach says BEFORE the games even begin? I guess that is why fan is short for fanatic. I mean, knock one’s favorite football team and one treats it like you just knocked one’s mother or girlfriend.

    Get real, folks. It is only a game, an illusion really.

  • Tyler Durden

    wow….horrible news. Patrick will be sure to mix in a few of his political takes during the telecast, killing the buzz for those watching…douchetastic.

    And with 50% of the crowd in orange and half the stadium empty…i imagine we’ll get more than a few “wow, what are we even doing here, spring ball at ‘bama gets a better turnout…” comments.