Monopoly no more?

This is an ad that ran in today’s Daily News. And for those with placement questions, it ran on the same page as the UCLA and USC football stories.

i-6e322d98efeeb99ec104b43b8f98c832-Monopoly no more.jpg
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  • Bruin_67

    That is freakin sweet.

  • Bruintx

    I hope we’re the first to land on Boardwalk and Park Place and that CRN can build LOTS of hotels there in the next few years!! Then we wait for the rent to come due!

  • Bruin2k3


  • Anonymous

    Silly…why not play a game first!

  • kiriba08

    Hmmm…any info on who placed the ad?

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    well based on the corner “ucla football” and “call for tickets”, i’d say the ucla athletic dept.

  • Anonymous

    No sense beating around the bush. I like a coach that will put himself out there on the edge. I think the players like it as well, let’s battle!

  • Nathan Exp

    Couldn’t they have simply had a heading that “the Bruins are back” or something cornly like “there is a new sheriff in town”. I assume that CRN approved of the ad but it smacks of desperation IMO.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha! What have the bruins done since last season to claim the monopoly is “officially” over? All I’ve seen is subpar recruiting and a current team that will be lucky to win 5 games.

  • BruinFanBaby

    Anon 2:03pm — please return to the Inside SuC blog immediately and stop commenting on matters concerning UCLA. Thanks.

  • mindshed

    yea umm… I’m a hardcore bruin and all, but this is a little bit on the ridiculous side. Imagine if some idiot just walked into a blog and wrote that statement without anything to back up his position; he would be labeled a troll and would be flamed to a crisp, forcing him to change his username to post his next piece of stupidity. But of course, the blog owner would see the same ip and flame him more, and so he would log in from the public library for all future trolls.

    Anyway… yea, a bit over the edge I’d say.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just ticket hype . . . and better now than after the Tennessee game when no one will buy it. Maybe a couple of seasons from now . . .

  • bobbyc

    I’m a hardcore Bruin fan as well, and this is just…embarrassing. This isn’t a challenge, and it doesn’t represent optimism – it’s a claim that something has already happened, which it hasn’t. Unsubstantiated trash-talking. Bad marketing move, IMO.

  • SBBruin

    I like the bravado, but they are opening themselves up to a world of criticism if this season is a disaster. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen and that Chow can pull a rabbit out of his hat this season.

  • Lloyd Lake

    Coach Dorrell never did something like this. He had too much class, even after 13-9, the biggest win of his coaching career. Heck, he didn’t even do media interviews after that either.

    The finger pointing across town smacks of “I’m coming to git ya!” bravado. Hopefully, Neu can back it up.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious, don’t the UCLA powers that be realize this could be damaging bulletin board material all week before the annual crosstown rivalry game? Seems like a terrible mistake by the UCLA marketing and sports information folks.


    Yeah, right, and the ucla basketball monopoly over SC is officially over as well.

    Wake me up when all this becomes real, sometime in the year 2015 or so.

  • BradleyBruin

    I like it. A lot. It’s a new chapter and RN is coming out swinging. UCLA football needs a big time attitude adjustment, and the coach sets the tone. He’s going to do everything in his power to make sure this team doesn’t sleep walk through any more games. I’ll take this in heart beat, and could care less if this is on a bulletin board across town.

  • PeterUCLA

    I like the ad, because it makes a bold statement which will become even more true when Bushgate eliminates all those illegitimate “wins” the trOJans had.

    Also, the UCLA monopoly on college basketball in Los Angeles is just beginning. We don’t need to recruit amoral kids like Mayo to keep our program alive.

    By the way, “ONLYTHETRUTH” you stupid liar, when you try to compare UCLA to USC, just remember that you guys have a 39 year head start and nothing to show for it.

    Talk about smug incompetence!

  • VB

    It’ll be officially over when we beat USC in football on a consecutive basis.

    Nevertheless, I do think the ad is pretty sweet. At least our school is taking pride in the football program once again.

  • Professor Layton

    My initial reaction was, “This is a bit embarrassing… we haven’t even played yet!” But then I warmed up to the ad. It’s gutsy and really gets us out there. Things have to start somehow and this is just as much of a change in attitude as it is our program.

  • BruinAZ

    All that it says is that the monopoly is over. Nobody expects Neu to have a huge season this year with all the young talent. I agree with Bradley that we need a serious attitude adjustment and this is exactly the attitude we need. Any Bruin that doesn’t like this, I would have to wonder if you are a true Bruin.

    BTW, ONLYTHETERD we all wish that you would go to sleep and away from this blog. You won’t have to wait long for the tide to turn, give Neu/Chow/Walker just a few years.

  • BruinGuy

    “Coach Dorrell never did anything like this…”

    It’s exactly the reason I like it!

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    yeah i actually thought this ad was pretty sweet, but wanted to hit a couple of points. first of all, everybody who says CRN is being too brash should know that he didn’t even see the ad until this morning (via espn pac10 blog) so he didn’t have much input on its creation. second, for the people who say it’s a bad marketing move i don’t really see how. it certainly will make some people buy tickets who weren’t going to before, and what group of people isn’t going to buy tickets because they saw the ad? thus, net ticket sales go up, which makes it a bad marketing move how?

    lastly, i have to say to bruinaz and peterucla that the attacks against TRUTH were fairly classless and baseless. he really didn’t say anything bad at all, and as much as i love ucla (to peterucla) how exactly do they have nothing to show for it? i mean they wildly outpace us in conference and national championships as well as heismans, so that was frankly just a dumb statement. not to say that we won’t get there because i hope to god we do, but as of now tradition isn’t really comparable.

  • Javier

    I absolutely love this ad! I love that Neuheisel doesn’t shy away from anything and takes stabs at SUC. Neuheisel has the heart of a Champion. We might not be great this season, although I truly believe we will surprise, but there is no denying future looks very bright. I am so excited about UCLA football!

    Go Bruins!!!

  • DoubleBruin

    There was never a football monopoly in Los Angeles.

  • BRUINzor

    1) this ad is totally rockin!! if u are a bruin fan and dont think so, then its probably cuz youre over the age of 40 or something (true for u, huh?).

    2) it doesnt make any outlandish claims, no mention of wins this season. where it starts is the monopoly of the spotlight and media attention, and us¢ doesnt own it all anymore.

    for example, last nights channel 7 news sports section, sandoval mentioned the ucla/tenn game and showed a clip of RN and made NO mention of us¢ at all! when they switched back to mark brown and michelle tuzee, both us¢ alum and outspoken trojan fans, all michelle said was something like, “its going to be an exciting weekend…” with a look like, “what about us¢??”

    3) i love it, and so do u LOL =)


  • HomeBru

    Well, it kind of sounds like “We’re not going to suck anymore. We swear!” The picture of Neuheisel pointing it pretty amusing, but cross town smack talk is always alright in my book. I like it!

    I never thought i’d say this but, is it Monday yet?

  • ehduque7

    For those of you wondering who places these ads it is the UCLA Sports Marketing department. I actually at one time was the designer for these ads back when I was an intern for the Sports Marketing Department. Coaches never had input on the ads then and so I highly doubt Neuheisel ever saw this ad before it went out.

    We had agreements with three local papers (Daily News, Press Telegram, and I forget the other) to put these type of ads out. They went out all year for all sports (football, volleyball, basketball, water polo, etc.).

  • Anonymous

    for sure it gives usc bulletin board material, but quite honestly, what’s the worst that can happen? 66-19?

    Besides, what else is the athletic dept supposed to say?

    “Give it a few years…”

  • BruinGirl

    Lot of comments both ways, who knows how the team will do this season but as a 25 year season ticket holder to football, we’re psyched that a new attitude is here with RN and that, over the coming seasons, we’ll be back in the top 10. As far as BB, ‘SC sucks, always has, always will.


  • brewnz

    Some of you are a little shell-shocked and sensitive. First off, he’s not calling out $UC, he’s just saying that the days of L.A. being a 1 football team town are over. What’s wrong with that? I’d hope he feels that way.

    Even if it was a shot at $UC, I’d still like the gamesmanship. It’s not like they’d be too worried about it, considering not even one game has been played.

  • PeterUCLA

    StillHatesMichaelFey, you obviously don’t get the “big picture” of my statement. Shouldn’t a school like U$C that was founded 39 years before UCLA feel embarrassed that they are playing catch-up in terms of academics and are behind us in total NCAA championships?

    That’s what I mean by nothing to show for it…nothing to show for all of that time they had to establish excellence. Here comes UCLA in 1919 and we’re way ahead of them in almost all measurable ways.

    Do you get it now?

  • Anonymous

    I want to see that poster in December. Win something, then pop-off….

  • StillHatesMichaelFey


    fair enough. i apologize for having called it a dumb statement, i thought you were just talking about football. although just for the sake of argument (yeah i’m that kind of person) most academic rankings have them ranked with a slim lead of 3-5 spots ahead of us, as much as i’m sure we would all disagree. it should be clear to everyone that our sports-related academic standards are head and shoulders above any other competitive university though.

  • clone12

    35 posts and no one has yet made a monopoly reference about a get-out-of-jail card for a certain USC running back?

  • Anonymous

    All of you supposed ‘Bruin’ fans who were ’embarassed’ by this ad need to go crawl back into your cubbie dens until you toughen up and become REAL Bruins. If you’re embarassed by this new bold culture that Neuheisel has instilled in our football program, I guess four ugly and EMBARASSING seasons under Dorrell weren’t embarassing at all huh? Back then, at least we knew that SC was the only football team in town and I guess you guys were fine with that, b/c we have basketball right?

    Just do the rest of us a favor and don’t jump onto the Bruin football bandwagon once we start winning games sometime in the next 2-3 years after Neuheisel has had time to restore the proud Bruin football tradition. Yes, the time for SC to be the only show in time is over. Do you think Dorrell could have had us on a national TV game on ESPN on labor day? Don’t tell me the game was already scheduled by Dorrell; Neuheisel changed the dates around so that ESPN would carry the game.

    SC’s monopoly of pushing UCLA football behind news of the L.A. Avengers and Galaxy is over. THAT was the point of the ad, and you guys need to get over your ’embarrassed’ states and realize that the culture of UCLA football as those cute gutsy little bruins in powder blue will only change once ‘fans’ like yourselves stop acting like little babies and realize that college football is about recruiting which leads to winning, and now recruits are beginning to realize that there isn’t just one football team in L.A. to choose from. (See top rated QB coming in next year recruited by Norm Chow, etc.) Leave your weak attitudes at home and bring the Bruin ferocity to the Rose Bowl on Monday night for the start of the Neu-Era of Bruin football! GO BRUINS!

  • Anonymous
  • uscfd

    Before you congratulate Rick for his bravado, you should know that one of you has it right. The coaching staff had nothing to do with this ad and it’s apparent that they and the players didn’t like the added pressure.,0,6415455.story

    Thanks to Anonymous for the link to the updated ad.

  • PeterUCLA

    StillHatesMichaelFey, you are correct that U$C has gotten closer regarding their undergraduate academic ranking, however, almost all major UCLA graduate/professional programs are in the top 15, while, often, U$C’s programs are much lower down the list. And this is using US News, which is biased towards private universities!

    Also, the respected Shanghai Jiao Tong University rankings places UCLA as #13 in the world and U$C and #50.

  • PeterUCLA

    Hey Anonymous: what are you posting in March and April during the madness? Nothing. I thought so.

    You need to stop popping off yourself. Win a basketball championship (at least we have one in football). Get closer to 100 NCAA championships (we’re well past it).

  • Anonymous

    I have a serious question for everyone:

    Does anyone think the USC game is more important than Tennessee in gaining national respect?

    My opinion is that Week 1 will be the most important game of the year.

    DeWayne Walker’s 13-9 win didn’t put us “over the hump.” Stanford’s upset of USC last year didn’t change anyone’s opinion of them.

    Beating the big, bad SEC. That puts you over the top.

    If you want to win big, think big.

    Win national attention and the backyard takes care of itself.


  • HomeBru

    Heres my serious answer:

    Does anyone think the USC game is more important than Tennessee in gaining national respect?
    No. But it’s way more important to me.

    My opinion is that Week 1 will be the most important game of the year.
    My opinion is that you’re wrong.

    DeWayne Walker’s 13-9 win didn’t put us “over the hump.” Stanford’s upset of USC last year didn’t change anyone’s opinion of them.
    Maybe not, but it made 2007 a pretty good year for me. True, but it was still awesome.

    Beating the big, bad SEC. That puts you over the top.
    It doesn’t put you over the top of SC.

    If you want to win big, think big.
    Hmmmmm…… (this is me thinking big)

    Win national attention and the backyard takes care of itself.
    Dude, no.

    The way I see it is if we won every single game this year and then lost to SC, I wouldn’t be happy. On the other hand, if we pull off an upset to SC, i’m going to forget everything else that happened this season.

    That said, I think it might be our second most important game of the season.

  • DC

    HomeBru, Its that type of attitutde that has held the program down for the last decade. You think Pete Carroll cares about what UCLA is doing? No way, he is focused on building a team with national notoriety and has accompished that by beating teams in the SEC and embarrassing teams from the big ten. As long as the sole focus of UCLA and its fans is to beat SC, they will never become a nationally recognized fottball program.

  • HomeBru

    I never said it should be our “sole focus”. Are you saying we can only have one goal? Check out the last sentence of my comment.

    Anyway, I don’t think we should spend our time trying to emulate SC. This “lets copy Pete Carroll” attitude really annoys me.

  • Really?

    You all really have this much time on your hands for such pointless banter? You must have gone to UCLA, as you all are either broke as a joke and living in a self invented past, or just plain boring. You can’t even get the grammer right in most of these posts. Typical state school. Just remember, the monopoly will be over when Pete Carol says it’s over. Don’t you all have orders to take? Get back to work.