Forcier vs. Prince

From what I understand, true freshman Kevin Prince is gaining quickly on red-shirt freshman Chris Forcier in the competition to be UCLA’s No. 2 quarterback. From what I hear, Prince is very good at picking up the offense and making the adjustments the coaching staff wants to see, but Forcier is lagging behind.
Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel said Forcier will be Kevin Craft’s backup for the Tennessee game, but by the end of September it could be a different story.

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  • BruinGuy

    Finally, a quarterback controversy. Now it seems like fall!

  • Rico Bruin

    Prince will be our QB by the time conference play rolls around.

  • VB

    Prince may be our QB after Craft and Forcier get owned by Tennessee’s defense as a result of our offensive line, or lack thereof.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Prince wins #2. It’d be a good sign for the future.


    Don’t wish for something because you just might get it.

    Really want a true freshman running your team? It is a big jump from high school star to college ball.

  • Anonymous

    Well if Prince is already close to #2 over Forcier(who has 1 full year ahead of Prince) thats a good sign for the FUTURE. He’ll get experience and then be able to play next year. Forcier has never impressed me with his passing. He doesnt seem to have the mental game down. Prince is already ahead of him, so why not

  • HomeBru

    I wish trojans would stop reading and commenting on the UCLA blog

  • DoubleBruin


    Let the trojan read and post. Each extra click on Dohn’s blog shows Daily News management increased interest in UCLA atheltics and that can only help the Bruins.

  • pr

    From what I am reading from BD, CF is going to be the next Matt Moore. He has the talent and the instincts, but does not want to put in the work.