Answers, Part I

Hey, folks. Finally, the season is just about here, and I can’t wait for it. I’m curious to see how things go. As for the questions, again, there were a bundle of them. I will have 12 sets of answers today, and few more that spill into Saturday.
Without further ado, here is the first set of answers:

how would you describe the relationship between Jordan Farmar and Ben Howland when Jordan was a Bruin
Farmar wanted to play as much as possible, and Howland played him as much as possible. They got along fine. Both are ultra-competitive guys and sometimes disagree about things, but the common goal was to win, and they got along fine.

How do you see the Tenn. game unfolding? What do you think UCLA’s plan of attack on off/def will be?
I see UCLA being conservative on offense and trying to win the field position battle. I am not looking at a wide open game, and I think the Bruins defense will try to keep away from allowing the big play. As far as the game plans, since I am at practice I know what the game plan is, but part of being at practice is the agreement writers do not divulge game plans.

I heard rumors that some of the players didn’t take to Jordan to well, which shocked me because i felt Jordan embodied what a leader is supposed to be. What was the relationship with Farmar and the other UCLA players?
Some players got along with him, and others did not. Farmar is an intense competitor at everything he did, and he wasn’t shy about blaming teammates for problems, even if it appeared like Farmar may have made the mistake. I don’t think everyone was lining up to hang out with him afterward, but he had friends on the team.

what do the familes of recruits say when coaches talk about thier sons in media. What was the forceirs’ reaction after hearing, from the coaching staff, that Chris is not picking up the offense?
I don’t know. I don’t talk to the families of players about everything. But I can’t imagine what Forcier’s parents could say since Chris, himself, said it was true and he needed to work harder off the field to learn the offense.

Is Ben Howland a UCLA football fan? We know that Rick Neu loves college basketball, do you think we may see Howland at a football game anytime?
Howland goes to most of the football games at the Rose Bowl. In fact, he often stops by the press box to say hello. He’s a huge college football fan, and the only time he misses a home game is when he is out recruiting, or his team is practicing or playing.

Rick Neu did not recruit with great consisentcy at CU or UW. Do you think this speaks to Rick as a recruiter? And do you think that Neu will ineviatable recruit better at UCLA simply because the talent pool available in California is superior?
I’m curious on this as well because I do not think he recruited great at his two previous stops, but he’s had plenty of time to take a step back and analyze everything about the programs he ran. I think it is much easier to recruit SoCal when the school is in Socal, and the talent pool should help, but there are plenty of other factors at work, like talent evaluation and also finding players who can make it academically at UCLA.

Its apparent that Walker is going to get a college head coaching gig within the next few years, but are the rumors true that he could possibly leave for the NFL as a D-Coordinator?
I don’t deal in rumors, but I could see him leaving for an NFL defensive coordinator’s job. That is usually a big-time paying job and could lead to an NFL head coaching job. That said, I don’t know if teams would think he is ready for coordinate in the NFL after spending three years as a college coordinator.

if the opportunity to cover Rutgers became available, would you leave your UCLA job?
Nope. I love Rutgers and can be a fan. Getting involved covering a team I care so much about on an emotional level is not something I want to do.

ever consider departing from the Daily News and managing your own independent blog? You have the popularity to do it
No, because a big part of the reason I can get the information I get is because I am employed by the Daily News, and the respect the newspaper gets from folks I talk to.

When is the Daily News going to incorporate video into this blog? Is that something you have resisted?
I want it to happen, and have suggested it, but so far there has been little movement on it. Also, I don’t think the way to do it is for me to have a camera and do the interviews. I think the best way is for someone else to shoot the video.

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  • uscmike

    Tenn 27, UCLA 6

  • VB

    Virginia 36, USC 3

  • Anonymous

    Lol uscmike,

    You didn’t get in to UCLA, just accept it and stop the hate. Funny to see you here on a UCLA blog though, dreaming about what it would have been like to be a Bruin.

  • VB


    How’d that pounding feel in 2006? 13-9!


    The latest edition of U.S. News and World Report rated America’s colleges according to the “best education” offered. Not surprisingly, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, the entire East Coast block led the way. Out West it was in this order: Stanford, Cal, USC and then ucla. And according to most polls SC is ahead of ucla academically.

    No opinions, just the facts.

  • pr

    If anyone is interested, CBS Sportsline is running a bunch of SEC games from last season all day and night. The will be showing the Vols vs LSU and Florida if anyone wants to see what the Bruins will be facing on Monday. The Vols are very impressive to say the least.

  • Anonymous

    You are quite the spin doctor Mr. “ONLYTHETRUTH” Rove as the US News and World Report Rankings have UCLA at 25 and USC at 27 so nice try.

  • tom962

    Onlythetruth – check your facts. UCLA is 25th in US News; USC is 27th. In the Academic Ranking of World Universities, UCLA is 13th (11th in US); USC is 50th (37th in US):

    Now go back to South Central, bro.


    Not so. Look at it more carefully.

    But, besides, any way one looks at it, these universities are not the top ones in the nation, academically speaking (sports is a different topic), and by all accounts they are pretty equal.

    If you want a REAL education then go to Cal Tech or the Ivy League.

    So get real Trojans and bruins, you all are not the brightest bulbs!

  • Anonymous

    “Most polls” taken of USC Moms, perhaps. Otherwise, UCLA has always had a certain clout attached to it’s name, especially in California. Meanwhile, USC has always had a stigma attached to it’s name. Only recently has it become even respectable.

    Let’s face facts, if you went to SC pre-late 90s, your education was laughable.

  • Burbank Bruin

    ONLY THE TRUTH, “Not so. Look at it more carefully”?? LoL, I’m starting to understand why you’re a Trojie and not a Bruin.

    USC warps the data it provides to US News. Check the footnote where it states that USC’s data is based on 50% of incoming freshmen. Nevertheless, despite Southern Cal’s best efforts to provide skewed data move up the rankings (while UCLA really couldn’t care less), USC is STILL out of the top 25 while UCLA just made it. The gap widens significantly when looking at graduate programs.

  • tom962

    In addition to providing data for only half the freshmen (is that intellectually honest to do?), USC also uses best combined SAT scores, as opposed to best score on a single test, which UCLA uses. This is another way to dramatically skew their data.

  • Lloyd Lake

    This is a football blog. You guys fall for ONLYTHETRUTH’s cheap bait too easy. She’s just messing with you guys.

  • HomeBru

    Ok, I’m sure Brian will remove it soon enough, but I have to say that post by Anonymous 12:21 had such bad spelling and grammar, and was so offensive, I almost think it was staged. Was that a UCLA fan pretending to be a trojan to make a point, or are the trojan fans really that bad?

  • Bruins095

    ONLYTHELIES, another deluded Trojan. How do you define a REAL education?

    Go Virgina!!


    Glad you asked, Bruins095. (By the way, is it possible for a bruin to carry on an adversarial discourse without inserting a dig or an insult?)

    Cal Tech is so heavy on math and science (including physics and chemistry) that only a select few could handle it. But if you can, that is a real education. The Ivy League is tops because, well, because it is the Ivy League. If one can compete for grades there then tht is a real education.

    That said nobody gets smart after 3-years of high school and 4-years, or more, of college. That is a short period in one’s life. Education is ongoing. And its more than book-smarts, although that certainly has its place. And truly smart people don’t have to wear it on their sleeve. They are content with simply knowing that they know.

    In closing, “Come on, come on down Sweet Virginia, uh huh, got to scrape that s—- right offa my shoes.” Rolling Stones.

    Sure hope it ain’t SC that gets scraped tomorrow. Probably not. Be good y’all.

  • uscmike

    Yes, UCLA is a fine academic institution. Yes, it hurt to watch that 13-9 debacle (props to Walker as D-Coordinator).

    But on the field this Monday, UCLA’s defense will slowly but surely get tired after countless 3-and-outs by UCLA’s offense because of a weak O-Line. Enjoy your long football season. Take heart, the first game of the basketball season is Nov. 12th.

    Fight On!

  • Bruins095

    pure entertainment……this is a sports blog though.

    Bruins are definitely in a rebuilding mode and will have their hands full on Monday. I’m anxious to see the talent level of freshman class. Kids with talent and character.

    Cheat on! and on and on and on……….