Answers, Part II

Here is the second set of answers:

Who would you say is the most athletic player on our offense? defense?
Defensively, from what I’ve seen, Rahim Moore. Offensively, I go with quarterback Osaar Rasshan.

Are there ANY offensive linemen who you could see starting on another top program, or are they ALL terrible?
Right now, I don’t think so. Perhaps is Micah Kia gets a mean streak, he could do it. But that doesn’t mean I think they are ALL terrible.

Does your wife ever come to any games? Does she even like sports?
She has been to a few, but sitting in the stands with kids isn’t her idea of having fun, especially since I get there at least three hours before kickoff and don’t leave until three hours after the game ends. But she is a huge sports fan, maybe even bigger than me.

What time will you be arriving at the Rose Bowl on Monday? Are you excited?
I will probably be there by 1 p.m. Ya’ know, Rutgers plays then on ESPN, so I need to be somewhere to watch that. And, yes, I am very excited. I love college football, and am juiced that it already is underway.

Have you ever met Geoff Strand? How does that guy make a living?
I have met him, and it’s not for his cheerleading. I believe he is a CPA.

Excuse me! If this game were a week from this Saturday, it would draw 80,000. But, come on! It’s Labor Day weekend. It’s a Monday night game. People have to get up the next morning and battle the traffic to work. If there are 65,000 in the Rose Bowl on Monday, that’ll be a terrific turnout. Why do journalists always have to create controversy?
I don’t think I created controversy. If UCLA officials said they were thrilled about having 65,000 at the game, I would have written that. UCLA is the one that said they would like to have 80,000 at the game.

Love the blog. ever consider having a discussion section where guests such as myself can put a topic up, and well others can respond and give opinions about?
I don’t know if that is possible, but the one thing I am concerned about with that is having some loose cannon come up with topics. I believe 99 percent of the posters would be fine, but I believe what you are suggesting is more for a message board format, and not a blog.

Without getting too specific, whats you salary like? Do you get bonuses if the site reaches so many hits?
My salary is enough for me to live on, and my bonus for the hits on this site is I get to keep my job. But since hits are important, please feel free to hit this site as much as you possibly can.

If Aundre Dean was so buried on the depth chart during camp, how come he is the only one of four freshman not being redshirted this season?
Two reasons: 1) He is the best and most talented of the four. 2) He got his nose in the playbook, asked questions and learned the offense.

Given that OL guard Scott Glicksberg has reportedly been troubled with a balky shoulder and OL center Micah Reed has several starts at guard, do you have any thoughts (besides “it’s Palcic’s call”) as to why Jake Dean has not been getting reps at center with the 1’s while moving Reed back to the guard position?
Because offensive line coach Bob Palcic thinks the line is better with Reed at center and Glicksberg at guard than to play Dean at center and Reed at guard.

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  • BruinFaithful

    Geoff Strand is not a CPA. He is a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley. I worked with him years ago. He is a nut and a shark, believe it or not.

  • Ri-L

    I think Geoff also has a business selling UCLA gear.

  • Anonymous

    Does he proununce his name “Gee-off” or “Jeff”?

    Just curious.

  • Dandy

    I believe he pronounces it, “MO-ron”