Answers, Part III

I know some folks asked for an open forum during games to chat with others. I will set up a several posts for discussions a few hours prior to the game, one for the first half, one at half time and one for after the game in which folks to can post thoughts and exchange comments and ideas. Please keep it clean.
I will also have updates throughout the weekend, and before, during and after the game.
Now, Here is the third set of answers:

Since it’s a non-conference home game, is there a limit to the number of players who can be in uniform for the Tennessee game? Also, how many game tickets are each scholarship player entitled?
The limit is 105 because it is the first game. However, after the first game, there is not limit for the number of players who can dress for a non-conference game, be it on the road or at home. And I believe each player gets four tickets.

Have you had an opportunity to go to UCLA’s men’s gym and observe the incoming freshmen in the heralded pickup games? If yes, how do they look?
The only freshman I haven’t seen playing in the men’s gym is Malcolm Lee, but I have not been up there in a few weeks because it conflicts with football practice. When I saw Drew Gordon and J’mison Morgan, I thought both left a lot to be desired offensively. Jrue Holiday was incredibly athletic and smooth, and Jerime Anderson was hot and cold with keeping up with the tempo.

With the OL being such an area of concern, I have been thinking about the best starting group based on pure atheticism/talent, not knowledge of assignments, experience, etc. Who would be your top 5? Mine would be Kia, Tevaga, Reed, Savage and Chandler. Does this line have the ability to be good next year if they get reps/experience together this year?
I agree with Kia, Savage and Chandler, but I think freshman Jeff Baca has good athleticism but isn’t even close to being ready to play. Reed is the fifth. As for next year, I think the starters can be solid, but Reed is a senior, so he is done. I also think Tevaga is a question mark.

What are Crafts relative strengths and weaknesses? Are there enough strengths for Chow build a gameplan around?
He makes good decisions, understands the offense and reads things well. He also has good mobility. However, he doesn’t get his feet set all the time when he throws, is interception prone and lacks experience at a high level. But there are enough strengths to build a game plan around, and I like the way Chow is going to approach Tennessee’s defense (which I cannot divulge).

Neuheisel’s first game
Crushes rednecks by twenty
what are the chances??

Cows jump over moon
Pigs fly high toward heavens
Boss pays me millions.

Arizona just picked up a commitment from a point guard and a lightly-recruited power forward. I believe they may now be one over their scholarship allotment for the class of 2009, which presumably shouldn’t be a problem when Budinger leaves early. Question is, what is up with Gaddy? Does this mean they gave up on him? Have UCLA’s chances gone up significantly?
I keep getting mixed messages on Gaddy, but at the end of the day, the people I trust the most say it is going to be hard for UCLA to land him. But we shall see.

Does anyone know what time the gates will open on monday for tailgating?
According to UCLA, Area H opens 10 hours prior to the game, the RV area at 7:00 am, Permit Lots at 9 am and General Parking (golf course) at Noon

Will Memphis be allowed to continue recruiting Abdul Gaddy?
I would think so. The NCAA doesn’t like to punish marquee programs – it’s not good for business — and Memphis just went to the title game.

The rankings of Howland’s current commits (Nelson/Lane/Williams) have all dropped quite significantly recently. Taken in aggregate, it seems interesting. Is Howland just a contrarian recruiter, or are these players not developing the way he projected, or something else?
I don’t know all the factors, although everyone I talked to said the trio didn’t have great summers. Howland is going to take whomever he evaluates as the best possible fit for his style, meaning someone tough who doesn’t mind playing defense, and won’t worry about rankings. After all, how highly rated was Russell Westbrook? And there have been plenty of McDonald’s all-Americans who struggled.

  • BruinFaithful

    Why would Memphis not be allowed to keep recruiting Gaddy? What happened?

  • la-ukla

    The FedEx founder is a huge Memphis booster (FedEx is headquartered in TN). Gaddy’s mother works for FedEx in their home state and the guy gave her a friendly call to see what was up with her son committing to Memphis. Calipari said he knew nothing about it.

  • CAJason80

    Whoever submitted the haiku: nice hat-tip to Rocky Top Talk!