Answers, Part IV

Here is the fourth installment:

The opener will not finish until after 11pm Tennessee time. Do you think this will have any effect on the Vols’ performance, or do college teams have well established ways of dealing with time changes?
It will have no bearing, not to mention the Vols play plenty of night games in the SEC, and those games last well into the night.

do you think the new NCAA play-clock rules will significantly shorten the duration of games, or alter the total number of plays per game?
From studies I read, it actually increases the number of plays by five to seven because the play clock sets when the previous play ends, not when the referees decide to spot the ball. And I’m not sure if it will shorten the games, but I doubt it. It will mean television commercial breaks can last a little longer.

Does the coaching staff think Holiday is one-and-done? Do you?
I know the staff thinks it is a possibility, and I believe it is a better than 50-50 shot.

Up until just recently Aboya wasn’t sure about his basketball future. Did he continue to work out with the team, play in pick-up games, work on his offense, etc during his uncertainty period? The Bruins needs his size up front, offensively, will he contribute more than a couple of put back dunks this season?
He was out of the country much of the summer, first competing for the Cameroon national team, and then spending time with his family. I know he spent a lot of time playing basketball. As for his offensive development, that is not his value to UCLA. But if he can stay out of foul trouble, his extended minutes should allow him to score a little more. He can make a 12-foot jumper, if given the chance.

How is Roll progressing? Will he be ready by the start of the season?
Every time I talk to UCLA coach Ben Howland about it, he says Roll should be ready for the start of practice in October.

You mentioned on Tuesday’s practice that after Nick Crissman injured his shoulder, our graduate assistant was throwing passes for the scout team. What happened to walk-on QBs, Tyles Tuiasosopo or Jacob Crook (from last year)? Why aren’t they run the scout team?
Tuiasosopo is working as a fullback and Crook is no longer with the program.

I heard that Tennessee’s offense contains elements of the spread offense. How equipped do you think Walker’s defense will be in handling it?
I think it is equipped fine for it because it has speed and can run to the ball. Making tackles is another matter.

Do you think Norm Chow will ever consider using the spread offense due to its overall success in recent years? And do you think we will have the talent in the coming years to run it should he choose to do so?
No and no. Chow has been doing this for more than three decades, and is one of the most successful and talented offensive coordinators in the nation. I don’t see him changing his style of coaching when he’s in his 60s, especially since he does not like quarterbacks that leave the pocket too early. And because that is his philosophy, UCLA will not recruit a quarterback to run the spread.

do you know if we are changing our pre-game music format? Is there a possibility that we might go with something like Metallica, G&R, etc..
I heard there were some changes, but I do not know what they are. But I would love to hear some Metallica, Guns N Roses, Ozzy, Iron Maiden (it’s been played during practice), Sabbath, Green Day and Nirvana.

I’ve read in the OC Register recently that CRN is coming across as less optimistic as the season approaches. What’s your take on that? Do you see him “less on fire” and has that had any effect on team morale in your opinion?
Was that the column written after watching a video? I was at that press conference and didn’t get that feel. He was being honest, but not “less on fire.” And the only effect he has on team morale is to boost it. He is the most optimistic man this side of Richard Simmons.

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  • snodman

    What WILL shorten the game is the new out of bounds rule. College football will be identical to the NFL this season on the clock and out of bounds situations. When a ball carrier or receiver goes out of bounds the game clock stops only until the ball is marked ready for play, then it starts again. That is why most coaches think the average college game will lose 5-7 plays.

    Just like the NFL, during the last 5 minutes of both halves the clock stops on out of bounds plays until the next center snap.

  • BruinGuy

    I’m proud to say that I’ve never seen a soccer game in its entirety.

  • Anonymous

    I believe it is the last two minutes of each half. That’s what it looked like in teh Stanford/Oregon state game last night.

  • braddahmike

    In terms of the spread offense and whether Norm Chow would ever consider it, he has previously run a spread offense while at BYU. During the last few years at BYU, they ran into a Tulane offense that was coached by Rich Rodriguez and QB’d by Shaun King (former Bucaneers QB I believe) and just got a sound beating in the Liberty Bowl I believe. The following year Norm went and spoke with Rodriguez and knowing that his offensive line was going to be weak the next year, instituted a spread type of offense. The BYU offense that year did well until the end of the year where defenses only rushed 2 people and BYU didn’t have the quickness or talent to effectively change their offense. The spread offense run by King and subsequently the one Norm implemented wasn’t the spread as we know it today with a mobile QB, it was more of a shotgun approach and get rid of the ball quickly to nullify a pass rush.