Answers, Part IX

By the way, I will be on ESPN radio 710-AM in Los Angeles at 7 p.m. tonight.
Here is the ninth grouping:

I heard tennessee fans travel well.
how many Tennessee fans will be at the game ?
According to what UCLA’s assistant athletic director of marketing Scott Mitchell told me, the Vols will have about 7,000 fans at the Rose Bowl.

whats the latest on usc commits morell presley and randall caroll? do you think they will end up switching and going to ucla?
I believe UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel will call them once he is allowed to, which is Monday. But I don’t think either one will flip and attend UCLA.

who do you think will make up UCLA’s starting 5 this year in basketball?
C Alfred Aboya, PF James Keefe, SF Josh Shipp, SG Jrue Holiday, PG Darren Collison.

what are ucla’s chances for michael snaer and avery bradley? i hear that bradley looks to be a lean to texas but i see he doesnt have an offer from them. Any updates from either of them?
I don’t think the chances are great for either of them. I plan on talking to both players next week, and should have updates.

If Norm actually calls plays that have Kevin Craft throwing to the Tight end more, callings screens to the WR’s and RB’s and swing passes/ dump offs to the RB’s don’t you think we’ll be 100% better on offfense than late year?
Not sure, because the offensive line, at least based on what I’ve seen in practice, isn’t as good. And second, even if it is 100 percent better, will that be enough to have a good season? After all, the offense was deplorable last season.

What kind of play caller will Chow be on 3rd&1, 4th&1? Smash mouth…Chain the train up the gut or Play actions w/ fade routes for incomplete passes like the last couple of seasons?
I don’t know. My inclination is it will be a cleverly-disguised mix, especially since I have little faith in the offensive line to gain a yard at this point.

Are we going to be Dorrell conservative vs. Tenn or are we going to see aggressive play calling from Chow?
How about somewhere between conservative and aggressive? The idea, at this point, is to survive and not let the offense lose a game. So, I’m sure there will be plenty of conservative plays to avoid turnovers and win the field position battle. When coaches talk like that, it rarely means a wide open offensive attack.

Do you think screens and using the RB and TE more will help Craft out early on?
That always helps a quarterback. I’m sure Peyton Manning would tell you successful plays like that help take pressure off the quarterback.

Is our game plan under Rick punt a lot to win the field position battle and make less mistakes to win or is he about getting on the scoreboard early and playing to win and not playing to keep it close like Dorrell did?
He will be playing it close with the hopes of winning in the fourth quarter this year. However, I think Neuheisel and offensive coordinator Norm Chow will take a few shots, at the appropriate time, throughout a game. But I don’t see UCLA scoring 30 points very often this season, unless the defense and special teams find the end zone.

if we had to replace Theriot would it be Umodu or Moline?
Interesting question. I think it would be Umodu, but I would not rule out Moline.

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  • boelterbruin

    wow. that espn website doesn’t screw around with where their college football allegiance lies.

  • billbailey

    for a guy who doesn’t want to reveal the game plan, you offer awfully specific impressions of the game plan.

  • Ri-L

    710 AM is the USC flagship station. They have a Trojan chat room just about every day. Tune into 570 for the Bruin’s side of the story. Of course that means you have to put up with Petros, who besides just screaming all the time, also went to SC.