Answers, Part VI

Here is the sixth installment:

How does it benefit a coach or his program to be open and accessible to the media (i.e. Neuheisel), as opposed to being relatively closed and not very accessible or helpful (i.e. Howland)? Can you make a case that being an open and accommodating coach is a win/win for his program and for reporters?
In football, if a coach opens practice, he allows the media to see how he coaches. Also, I know game planning issues will not be written because players are not asked specifically about game plans. If a practice is closed and a player is asked about a game plan and answers it, I will write it. If a coach wants to close practice, like Karl Dorrell did in his first season, then it is his responsibility to keep his players from disclosing such information. Plus, it allows the media to see what a team works on in practice, and how it translates into games.
When a coach wins, what transpires between games doesn’t become as big an issue. But if a team is losing, it can create problems.

I think you know who I’m referring to, but in general, don’t you think that when an alum of a university becomes that school’s beat reporter for a newspaper, that it at least creates the appearance of a bias?
There are plenty of people that do that, so I don’t know who you are talking about (wink, wink). That said, I think it does create a perception problem, whether it real or not.

Is there any sense that Forcier might transfer if Prince passes him?
I’m not hearing anything at this point, but I am not ruling that out.

Only 65k for a game against Tennessee…sounds pretty Sorry! to me…what do you think are some of the reason for such low ticket sales? When Bama, Michigan, and Ohio State came in September, Ucla had well over 80k for those games.
First of all, UCLA drew 88,804 for Michigan, but had 76,640 for Alabama and 73,723 for the Ohio State game.
I think the economy, the lack of expectation surrounding the on-field product and UCLA’s fan base are all reasons. After all, this is not a program known for filling the Rose Bowl. The only time a game sells out is when USC is the opponent.

Can you tell us why Ben Bruneau left the team? Is he still in school? Is there a chance he will return?
I don’t know why he left the team, whether he was asked to so UCLA could bring in a higher level walk-on, or if he just decided he had enough playing football. And I don’t think he will return.

Do you wear your crocs with socks?

Is Forcier’s regression eventually going to lead him to the RN and NC doghouse and off the team?
I don’t think Neuheisel has a dog house. Not given his personality, at least. However, I cannot predict Forcier’s future.

Is Forcier’s regression simply his inability to commit to the playbook or that he just can’t grasp it since he apparently relied on his athleticism in high school?
I think he is having difficult with both aspects, to be honest.

who were your inspirations, i.e. Jim Murray, Alan Malamud, Studs Terkel.
I didn’t really have inspirations growing up as a writer. My inspirations were guys I worked with when I first got into this business, extremely hard workers and great reporters like George O’Gorman in Trenton, N.J., and Dave Solomon in New Haven, Conn.

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  • Anon

    Bruneau is at Ventura College, and starting at wide out.