Answers, Part VII

Here is the seventh set of answers:

Whats the latest on the basketball recruiting? who do you see signing soon?
I see no one signing soon since a recruit cannot sign until early November. As far as committing to UCLA, I think that will also be down the line. The only guy I could see pulling the trigger sooner rather than later is Tyler Honeycutt.

Do you think stephenson was better suited to be a trojan then a bruin?
I don’t know if Stepheson is better off, but I think UCLA, in the long run, will be better off.

when is Ben Olson scheduled to return ? If and when he does come back , does he really expect to play , especially if Kevin Craft is doing a better than serviceable job?
There really is no schedule yet, but I think if he is not ready by early October he will be disappointed. And if UCLA’s offense is playing well, I don’t see a quarterback change being made when Olson does come back.

When is Mike Harris expected to be released to practice without restriction? Do you expect he will be able to challenge for a starting position at offensive tackle within the next few weeks?
I think by next week he will be able to practice full go. He is moving better, but still has a limp. I don’t think he will challenge for a starting spot in the next few weeks, barring an injury to another player, because he has missed so much time.

Did you ever hear back from Donovan Edwards?
Still waiting.

Rutgers is playing on Monday just before the UCLA-Tennessee game. If Rutgers and UCLA happen to play at the same time, are you conflicted in which game gets your attention?
Not at all. I’ll give a peek to how UCLA’s game is going every once in a while.

Is Darius Savage still having difficulty picking up assignments? Do you expect him to supplant Tevaga or Glicksburg within a few weeks? Does the coaching staff still consider him to be a very talented prospect?
The coaching staff still believes his ceiling is very high, but he needs to be better with his technique and his assignments. At this point, Glicksberg knows it better, and is better than Savage at this point. I think, in a perfect world, Savage would play as a backup this season.

I would like to know the reaction to the Monopoly ad from the staff?? Was there any negative feedback?? Positive feedback What did Chow and Walker say?? And did RN approve of the ad before it went in??
I do not believe Neuheisel approved the ad. I won’t get into what individual coaches thought about it, or the staff, but I will say there were more than a few members of the athletic department who viewed it as embarrassing, and unnecessary.

What attributes does Kevin Prince possess which have caused him to surge ahead of fellow freshman Nick Crissman on the depth chart? Is he simply a more talented quarterback?
He has a stronger arm, is grasping the offensive concepts well and has far better mechanics than Crissman, who will need an overhaul on his throwing motion if he is to become a contender for the starting job in the future.

is Tevaga ready to be a Pac 10 lineman?
It doesn’t matter. He is going to be one because he is preparing for his first start.

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  • BruinFaithful

    Uhhhhhhhh, give a peak to what is going on in the UCLA game every now and then? Isn’t it your job to watch all the play by play action?

  • CrouchingBruin

    I’m thinking he’s kidding. He’ll probably be at the Rose Bowl in the press box.

  • G-Unot

    Boy, you have to wake up pretty early in the morning to fool these readers!

  • jdoggbruin

    why do you think it benefits ucla in the long run? possible future recruits? because you don’t believe Stepheson to be that good?