Answers, Part VIII

And here is the eighth set:

Is Datone Jones going to be in the gameplan monday night vs UT?
Yup. Defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker loves Jones, and I suspect Jones will be the first defensive end off the bench, on either side, in the near future.

Did Jonathan Franklin even get a look at returning kicks or punts during camp? He was reported by more than one sources towards having a good camp and showing great speed/quickness. Why isn’t he in the rotation?
He is not ready to play, and needs to get stronger. And I did not see him getting much of a look in the return game.

Where is Savage in the starting lineup? He is by far the most physically impressive lineman and UCLA could use his ability vs a SEC d-line.
He’s not. He is a reserve. And just because someone is physically impressive doesn’t mean he is a good offensive lineman. Other factors are how a lineman moves his feet, does his understand leverage, can he keep his pad level low, and does he know his assignments? If it were all size and brawn, it would be much easier to pick linemen.

With Kevin Prince now the third string or possibly even the second string QB, what is the rule in regards to him red shirting this year? Must he not play a single down or can he play some and still red shirt?
There are different parts to this answer:.
If he plays but gets hurt before the end of the fourth game and cannot return this season, he can get a medical red-shirt. If he plays early and does not get hurt, but doesn’t play after the fourth game of the season, he cannot get a red-shirt.
And if he does not play at all, he can red-shirt.

With the move of our defensive strength being in the middle this year, our achilles heel for others teams to target would be our very young/inexperienced secondary. Have you seen any signs of Walker manipulating formations to get enough heat on opposing QB’s this year and could Ayers be our “sleeper” in rising to be that guy?
I have confidence Walker will find a way to keep the pressure off the secondary, but don’t want to give anything away. As for Ayers being a sleeper, I don’t know how much blitzing UCLA will do with him. And since he isn’t starting yet, I won’t go that far. But I do think defensive tackle Brian Price will get pressure on the quarterback.

Among the three first time starters on the offensive line (Ekbatani, Tevaga and Glicksberg),which one is the most polished and ready to play? Which one is the least polished?
I don’t think any of them are polished, but I feel the most comfortable with Glicksberg, although his ongoing shoulder injury is a concern over the long haul. As for least polished, can I change it to least confident? At that, I will go with Tevaga.

If Craft struggles greatly in the first couple of games, would you be surprised to see him supplanted by Kevin Prince in the starting lineup?
I would be surprised, because after the first couple of games, I think Ben Olson could get back into the picture if Craft was struggling.

What has RN said he will do differently then he did during his previous tenures at Washington & Colorado. And where does he rank in your mind as a Coach compared to the other college teams you have come in contact with during the season? Does he command the same presence as Howland?
He said he will be more aware to adhere to the NCAA’s rules. As far as ranking him as a coach, and his presence compared to Howland, can I at least watch him coach a game or three before forming an opinion?

seen as we havent gotten a commitment from a recruit in basketball or football in months, who do you think will be the next commit in basketball and in football?
I don’t know. I don’t like to play guessing games, but if I had to pick one guy, I will go with Tyler Honeycutt on the hoops side.

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  • Bruintx

    Hey Brian, can you re-state sentence #2 in the explanation of your Kevin Prince redshirt question. I read it multiple times, but that triple negative just confused the hell out of me. I hope I’m not having an SC brain hemorrhage šŸ™‚

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    haha you know that was really easy for me the first time i read it, then i tried to go back and read it again to help you out and ended up confusing myself. i think the point of it was if you play at all, no matter how early in the season, you throw away any chance of a nonmedical redshirt. the only way you can get one of those is by not playing at all the entire season.

    so in reality, his sentence could have been left out altogether but i think it was an attempt to clarify the potential question of “can he get a redshirt if he plays in the first four games but never again that year?”