Answers, Part XI

Here is the final set of answers for the night, but if there is any other breaking news, I will have it tonight. However, because of the high volume of questions again, I will have a few sets of answers Saturday.

have you considered setting a limit on questions you are going to answer during Q&A’s? With over 100 questions to answer in the course of one day, you have already extended into the following day.
I have thought about it, but I don’t want to shut anyone out of asking a question. I’m not sure how to handle it, and falling over to Saturday seems to be the best right now. But I’m open to suggestions, if you have any.

Has Stepheson made official his decision to transfer to USC? If so, any thoughts on what caused him to chose the Trojans over UCLA?
He announced for USC recently, I believe last week. He felt more comfortable at USC, and I was told they were willing to guarantee him a starting spot, not that it means anything.

If your son was a star high school small forward, what 5 college programs would you encourage him to consider (assuming being close to home wasn’t a factor)? What if he was a star HS linebacker? Would UCLA make either list?
I wouldn’t base it on basketball or football. I would base it academics, and what his aspirations were outside of athletics. If a player can play, the scouts will find him. And I don’t know enough about all the schools out there to make a clear top five, but off the top of my head, Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Princeton would be ones I would want him to look at.

How many rushing yards to do you expect the Bruins to rush for on Monday? It seems like running the ball down their throats is the best option considering the Vols run D is suspect.
Running the ball down Tennessee’s throat may be an option if the Bruins had a strong offensive line, but that is beyond suspect when it comes to this team. So it could be a wash. Factor in a few sacks, which goes against rushing yards, and I think if UCLA runs for 100 yards, it would be a good day. That said, I’m going with 74 yards.

What is the health of UT QB Jonathan Crompton? Is he for sure starting the game Monday night? I also remember hearing they had a few others not playing in the game for various reasons…are any of these players starters?
I know there is concern about his ankle, but Tennessee says he is fine. However, I am hearing the Vols may use two quarterbacks.

Last week we learned that you talk with all the players and see many of them 5-6 days a week. What nicknames do they have for you?
I’m sure the nicknames they have for me aren’t publishable on a family-oriented blog.

I noticed that freshmen walkon offensive linemen Brett Downey and Austin Hill were listed on the depth chart for the opening game. However, Connor Bradford, a freshman offensive lineman who holds a scholarship, did not make the depth chart. Does this mean that the two freshmen walkons are actually ahead of Bradford at this stage?
No. It is meaningless. None of the aforementioned players should come close to sniffing the field this season. There will be plenty of guys moving along the offensive line before any of the true freshmen are even given consideration.

I’m not quite sure how the postseason award process works, do you HAVE to be on the watchlist in the preseason to qualify, or is that more of a nod to last year’s accomplishments?
At some point you get added to the watch list if there is even a hint a player is worthy. It gets publicity for said award. And guys are also put on the list because each foundation sends out updates to the folks that vote. It’s nothing more than p.r., to be honest.

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