Answers, Part XIII

We shall end the Q&A this week with lucky No. 13. Here is the last set of answers for this week.
Remember, though, I will have stuff all weekend, and have the open forums for discussions before, during and after Monday’s game, as well as reaction from the locker room after the Tennessee game.
Now, onto the final set of answers:

How much do you expect Moutra and Rosario to play against UT? DO you think they’ll get more snaps than Embree or about the same?
I think Rosario and Embree will get more snaps, but I’m not sure how many snaps that will be. So much will be dictated by score, flow of the game, how other receivers are playing.

Is Terrence Austin finally ready to live up to his potential against UT and the rest of the year?
To me, the bigger question is if this coaching staff is ready to give Austin the chance the last coaching staff didn’t give him? I don’t know what the season holds for Austin, but coach Rick Neuheisel has referred to him as “electric,” and I think UCLA wants him to be a big part of the offense. However, I don’t think he is a stretch-the-field type of receiver.

What is the inside joke between the team and having fish for their pre-game meal?
Got me?

i think its pretty obvious that rahim moore will make the most impact out of all the freshmen but after him what freshman do you see making the most impact on offense and on defense?
I don’t think it’s obvious he will make the most impact of the freshmen, but I do think early on he will be given the best chance to make a huge impact.
As for the other freshmen, I think Datone Jones will be given a chance on defense, and he has really progressed well through the month of practice. Offensively, I’m going with receiver Nelson Rosario. He’s a legit 6-foot-5, 211 pounds, and runs smooth routes. His size is a huge asset, and he also has very good hands.

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  • Anonymous

    Where do you think UCLA can exploit UT on Monday?

  • VB (

    Man I am so pumped!!!!!

  • bruinbiochem06

    All this waiting til Monday is torture… Go Bruins!!!

  • Anonymous

    Kendall Williams does not appear to be as good now as scouting reports had forcasted back when he received a scholarship offer from UCLA. Can UCLA withdraw their scholarship offer and give it to a more talented player?