Any predictions?

I picked Tennessee to beat UCLA 20-12 in today’s paper. Any other predictions out there?

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  • Oh C’mon! UCLA will score more than 4 Fgs, this is the Chow era. They will not be running on first and second down in the redzone.

    I see an opportunistic D jumping on Tenn, and they win 27-17.


  • Anonymous

    Bruins win 13-10. Similar to ’06 SC game

  • el guapo

    have a lil’ faith, Brian
    ucla 27 vols 24

  • Tony

    I look for 2 stellar defenses to control this. Like anonymous stated, more like the 13-9 game vs usc

  • BradleyBruin

    Bruins win 16-13. I see lots of field goals in store. 2 stong D’s, 2 O’s with growing pains. We need to win the turnover and special teams battles.

  • bbntp

    Opotimism reigns supreeme with the previous commenters! In the real world Tennessee wins 35-7, with the Bruins improving as the season and years go by. Overall record: 4-8. I don’t like it, but on planet earth let’s be serious.

    (25 year season ticket holder and Bruin letterman)

  • ucla2k3

    UCLA 24, Tennessee 17

    BTW, Bob, what you are saying is absolute heresy! I can understand that in reality, UCLA has very little chance of winning this game but I don’t see Tennessee beating us 35-7 with the defense we have and them breaking in a new offense.

  • Fan4Life

    Judgment Day 09012008: UCLA 17, TN 10.

    Leaving for the Rose Bowl! Hope to see you guys out there! Go Bruins!

  • bruinbiochem06

    We are a very good home team. We will play fired up and beat Tennessee 23 to 21. I don’t understand how people are willing to drive to the Rosebowl without believing in their hearts that we will win.

    Go Bruins!!!

  • 2 good Ds, 0 good Os today. We’ll squeak by 16-14.
    Com’on it’s the first game, hope springs eternal. Go Bruins!!!

  • james sowins

    ucla 18 ten 17

  • Johnny Jones

    Get a clue you guys! tennessee will start slow but will completely wear the bruins out. VOLS 41 UCLA 18

  • kiriba08

    Tenn 17
    UCLA 6

  • Trudger

    Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, the Bruins are not that good this year.

    Tenn 30
    UCLA 6

  • Anonymous

    35-17 UT but it will not be a blowout, just a mistake prone UCLA team getting jammed up at WR and worked on the line b/c of lack of maturity physically and inexperience.

  • John Doe

    UT 27
    UCLA 13

    Bruins D fades late as offense struggles to move the ball.

    Go Bruins! One game at a time!

  • Anonymous

    UCLA 58, UT 0

    Just kidding …

    Vols 34, Bruins 17

  • ucrgrad

    UCLA 21 Tennessee 20

  • ucrgrad

    UCLA 21 Tennessee 20