Recruiting technology

I wrote a story about UCLA revamping recruit tracking system that ran in today’s paper. Also, here is the notebook that was in today’s paper, in which players talk about not letting down against BYU and defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker talks about a position battle in the secondary.

As a side note, Bruins recruiting coordinator Angus McClure said one of the changes in the new recruiting technology the school is using is the absence of the cumbersome recruiting board.
“I’m making a virtual recruiting board, instead of using the old-fashioned magnets on walls,” McClure said. “In the offensive room, you have all the offensive guys. In the defensive room, you have all the defensive guys. Now, you have it all in one place, and you can project it up on the wall.”

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  • Anonymous

    Have they not heard of FileMaker Pro?

  • Anonymous

    Since this topic deals with technology this question isn’t too far off topic. Is anyone else noticing that the Daily News web pages are taking long to load? I am on a T1 line and it can take 30 seconds of more to load a page. The problem is not consistent, Some pages appear quickly and I don’t seem to have this issue with other websites.

  • CrouchingBruin

    @anon: I’m sure the system is more complex than anything someone could cobble together with FileMaker Pro, especially if it integrates three disparate databases.

    Thanks for the story, Brian; it provided a nice behind-the-scenes look at a process that’s not often examined in depth.

  • Johnny Angel

    Anonymous: Check with one your net admins. I doubt that it is the Daily News site that is the problem. I have a much slower connection and the pages consistently pop.