Answers, Part VII

Here is the seventh installment:

i dont know if you’ve seen him this year but as a voting member of the media i’d hope you have. i think cal’s jahvid best is a top 5 national running back, would you agree?
I know Best is really good, but can we see him against top-notch competition before making such a statement. Plus, I’d like to see what the rest of the country has to offer before putting him in the top five.

i recently decided that with the right personnel (jones-drew, best, mcknight, bush) the college punt return is the most exciting play in sports. can you think of a better one?
I think you are correct. How many times did you see DeSean Jackson make something out of nothing and turn the tide of a game. Simply electrifying.

Given your desire and preference for DeWayne Walker to be the head coach, as you expressed during the search period in December, how much better do you think UCLA Football would be today with him at the helm compared to where Coach Neuheisel has the team/program today? (And “projecting into the future?”)
First of all, it wasn’t my desire for Walker to be the coach. I was asked who I thought was the best candidate, and my answer was Walker. As for how much better the program would be today, how the heck do I know? Also, I don’t care where the program is today, the concern is where the program is in five years. And that doesn’t mean Neuheisel won’t have it winning national titles, it was just my opinion.

Aundre Dean is a game breaker…how much action do you expect from him on saturday?
Not much, but plans change. If UCLA thinks he can pick up the blitz, he will play more.

Who is the best receiving RB that we have?
That’s a tough question because there is much more involved than just pure running the football. If it came to running the football, I would go with Aundre Dean or Raymond Carter. But I don’t know how well either can catch the ball (although I have a suspicion). So, that said, Moline may be the most well-rounded, which is why he is supposed to start.

Why didn’t we throw any RB screens or RB swing routes against tenn? Will we see some on saturday?
I can’t talk about the game plan for BYU.

Theriot to me seemed underutilized against UT as an offensive weapon – I know his first priority is blocking, but is it fair to say we might expect more touches for Theriot on average in the upcoming games?
Offensive coordinator Norm Chow will get Theriot the ball if he thinks it makes the offense better. I know he thinks Theriot could be a valuable guy, but I don’t think he is ahead of many of the other skill guys.

Do you have a routine pre or post-game meal? What keeps up your energy and motivation for games?
I have no pre- or post-game meal rituals, other than to make sure I eat, especially before heading to the Rose Bowl since the media fare is ONE hot dog, a bag of chips, an apple and a cookie. As for energy and motivation, I love college football and covering games, so I don’t need anything else.

You’ve stated many times that you report on fact as opposed to rumor or speculation. As a way to make Q&A shorter, can we eliminate questions that are purely speculative in nature (ie: What shooting guards will we sign in the class of 2023; Who will replace Coach Walker; How many games will we win in 2011)?
I would love to, and I try to be not-so-subtle in usually stating “I hate these types of questions,” but folks continually ask them.

From what you have seen from Brian Price, where do you predict he will go in the NFL draft when he eventually leaves?
Not only will he be drafted, but from what I’ve seen, he will be leaving after his junior season.

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  • Anonymous

    Asking how many shooting guards will be offered in 2023 is one thing? Asking who could potentially replace D Walker is an entirely different question given the situation around D Walker and other potential opportunities he may have. One question seems stupid while the other one seems fair IMHO.

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    why are they different? they are both inevitable and both have literally hundreds of answers. dohn couldnt possibly know whether CRN will go with an NFL positions coach, somebody currently on staff (which he has hinted isnt likely as of now), a current college positions coach, a college coordiantor, or maybe even pull somebody out of the high school ranks. given that the coaching staff obviously would not hint at who they wanted to replace him with before he left, even asking to name 5 candidates to replace him would be impossible.

  • ProdigalBruin

    I can name the top 5 candidates on CRN’s short list to replace D-Walk if, God forbid, he forsakes us for a HC position:

    #1) Ken Norton, Jr.
    #2) K. Norton, Jr.
    #3) Kenneth Norton Junior
    #4) K.N., Jr.
    #5) Ken N. Jr.

    One of those guys will get the job. Take that to the BANK!

  • Anonymous

    is his name really kenneth? that has never once occurred to me before. its just sorta… i dunno, an overprivileged white kid name in my head.

    on that note, though, i also laughed when i heard that unga’s (byu rb) first name is harvey. i didnt know that name existed in real life outside of batman and birdman (not the rapper though that would be awesome). especially in regards to bruising running backs.

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    i just read that and realized i was anonymous. that was the first time i’ve ever had to retype my name, just wondering if people generally have to retype it every time to not be anon and i’ve just been lucky or what?

  • Anonymous

    The last quote I heard from Ken Norton Jr. was “you’re a Bruin for four years but when You’re a Trojan, you’re a Trojan for life”

  • Anonymous

    Chuck Bulloch would be an excellent replacement for Dwalk if he leaves and the transition for the players would be minimal. Bringing in someone like Norton would be disruptice . Why does anyone think Norton should be the D Coordinator rather than Linebacker coach.

  • Lloyd Lake

    Brian, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Neu already contact Ken Norton and offer him a job? Norton refused and decided to stay with Petey.

  • Fan4Life

    The most electrifying play in sports?

    I’m partial to the long INT return for a touchdown to win the game.


    Al Verner


    Thank you to DeSean Jackson for giving up on the play, but you couldn’t have caught me anyway.