Answers, part III

Here is No. 3:

Does Baca project more as a guard or tackle?
I would say guard because he is 6-foot-3, but he is being used as a tackle and says he feels comfortable at tackle. But in a perfect world, it would be guard.

How good a football player is Reeves Nelson, out of curiosity?
I don’t know personally because I have not seen him play, but a friend of mine who saw him play last week said he wasn’t bad. Not a college prospect because he hasn’t played much, but I was told he was ok.

Does the Honeycutt commitment mean chances at landing Snear are slim to none?
I thought the chances of landing Snaer were slim before Honeycutt committed, but since Snaer is a guard and Honeycutt is a wing, I don’t think it impacts it very much.

Micah Kia really seems to be strugling. Is he having a problem adjusting to playing with his broken hand?
It is not helping, but remember, Kia was pulled from the starting lineup late last season. There have always been confidence issues with Kia, who has tremendous physical skills, and that is continuing.

Who wins Arizona or UCLA?
I’m going with UCLA, 17-16.

Is there any way Avery Bradley or Elijah Johnson are getting admitted to UCLA?
Let’s just say UCLA isn’t holding their breath on either of them.

Allen Bradford went to SC with huge expectations. He then was asked to switch positions several times, and now rides the pine at a different position than the one he came for. I see a similar thing happened to Nate Chandler, do you?
No, I don’t. Chandler’s future remains on the offensive line, but he was asked to move to tight end because UCLA lacks depth there this season, and a blocking tight end is really needed. Since it was questionable whether Chandler would play on the offensive line this season, I don’t think it will kill his development for next season.

Enzo’s vs. BJ’s?
I’ll take two slices with pepperoni, please.

Who’s your pick in the ASU/Georgia game? Are you impressed with Georgia?
Georgia. So far the Bulldogs have played ok in the two games I watched, but I think they have the ability to blow Arizona State out by at least three touchdowns.

Once Kia’s hand is healed, does Baca even get a sniff at his job?
I don’t think Kia’s hand is as big an issue as folks may think. Baca has a chance to win the job if Kia doesn’t perform well.

Ossar Rashaan obviously has no future at QB for the Bruins. What is it with his refusal to switch positions? He seems to have NFL caliber athleticism, why not give yourself a chance to get drafted?
He wants to play quarterback, and I believe his family is supportive of him remaining at the position. I agree with you, and know UCLA approached him about switching positions again this offseason, and he balked. But I’ll say this, he is one of the nicest kids I’ve ever met. A real class individual.

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  • Anonymous

    Allen Bradford was brought into USC to play on the defensive side of the ball. The school would prefer to be grooming him for linebacker or safety right now but he wants to break the running back rotation as the power back. The school granting his requests but tries to keep his tackling skills sharp by putting him on special teams as well.

  • ev

    Bradford was never asked to change positions, that was something he asked for. There was an article on him last year where he is quoted as such. Seems his dream as always been to play runningback.