Prediction time

What is everyone’s thoughts on Saturday’s game? I’ll start it off by going with UCLA 17, Arizona 16.

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  • VB

    UCLA 31 ARIZONA 20

    (We have 2 extra 45 yard line seats, face value at $49. We’ll happily part with them for the best offer. Email me at if you are interested)

  • El Cajon Bruin

    UCLA 24
    AZ 10

    One score by our defense.

  • Bailey

    Advertising tickets on here…what is this, eBay? Classic. Maybe you should sell them for $10 each..ha ha.

    I’ve got an old UCLA tshirt with one small ketchup stain on it if anyone wants to buy it. =)

  • Anonymous

    How is UCLA all of a suddent going to score 31 or even 24 points??? Were they able to get a new and imporved offensive line with RB’s who will actually rush for more than 15 yards total?

    Arizona is going to stomp UCLA… 34-10

  • lbcbruin

    UCLA 20 – Arizona 16

  • Erin

    UCLA 60
    Arizona 0

    Making is +1 for the last 2 games šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    UCLA 28
    Arizona 14

    I have a feeling things are going to click for the bruins Saturday..

  • Sal C

    While they haven’t ran for anything, there has to be some improvement in the running game somewhere down the line. This is a home game I’m feeling a 33-26 UCLA win. I would much rather see at 52-14 one though.

  • bruinmanny

    UCLA 31 vs. Arizona 21

    GO BRUINS ………

  • Alan Rothstein

    17-16 sounds about right, with Bruins on top. I expect over 50 yards on the ground. Our line matches up better with U of A than either Tennessee or BYU. I know that’s not saying much.

  • kiriba08

    UCLA 23
    Arizona 21

  • Fan4Life

    I would be happy with 100 yrds rushing and no TOs.
    UCLA 20, AZ 17

  • Zippy

    I don’t see this offense breaking 20 in another game until it gets healthier.

    I have a bad feeling about tomorrow…

  • Trojan Hater

    UCLA 24
    U of A 17

    The only reason I’m going this high will be due to our special teams getting it done on their punting unit and it’s in Pasadena. WAR BRUINS!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see, Arizona vs. UCLA …

    I predict a half-empty Rose Bowl by the end of the third quarter.

    Arizona 27, UCLA 10

  • Anonymous

    10 – 7

  • StillHatesMichaelFey

    i hate to predict a loss, but i’m gonna say 17-13 arizona until we get our O together. if so we win. and man do i hope i’m wrong.

  • bruinbiochem06

    no way we lose tomorrow.
    UCLA 24
    UA 10

  • sandiegobruinfan

    UCLA 17

    Arizona 13

  • Someguy

    3:2 UCLA

  • jdoe

    Unfortunately, I see
    AZ 30
    Ucla 23

  • BRUINzor

    UCLA » 72 (10 TDs /w 2 2-PTC)

    zona » 1.5 (1 FG but half deducted when stoops slugs joe bruin)

  • BruinFaithful

    I see this as the game that will seal Stoops fate.
    UCLA 17 Arizona 13