Props to Baca

As I reported in today’s paper, I’m hearing let tackle Micah Kia will be replaced this week by freshman Jeff Baca. Kia said he came out of Saturday’s game because of a back injury, but I’m hearing the back is not the reason for the chance.
That said, Kia said he notices Baca is talented.
“Baca is an extremely capable backup, and he did a wonderful job,” Kia said. “He did a really great job, and played solid.”

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  • barrya

    Props to Kia. I’m a fan. If Baca is playing better, he should start – and I hope it will light a fire under Micah to help him reach his potential. But his attitude is terrific. This team is just starting and it’s going to be build around the youngsters with the talent and potential; Micah’s praise for his young teammate – especially in adversity, both personal and in terms of where the team is this season – is great to see.

  • BruinFaithful


    Ummmmmm. What story did you read? Kia basically lied and he’s out of touch. Did you not read correctly? Kia clearly said he came out of the game because of a back injury, which Dohn refuted. Then Kia praises Baca by calling him a very capable back up? HAHAHAHA. Well, it seems like he’s going to be an even more capable starter. Wake up and smell the grass, both you and Kia.