Bell ready

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel re-iterated today what he said Sunday, that tailback Kahlil Bell (ankle) is expected to play against Fresno State.
“I’m not sure he’ll be 100 percent, but we’re going to give him a shot,” Neuheisel said.

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  • VB

    Great. So now we’ll average 3 yards per carry as opposed to 2.5 yards per carry. But then we’ll stall out on 3rd and 1.

  • Rico Bruin

    Have faith, give the kid a shot, at this level one kid can have a huge impact.
    Remember the drastic impact one player had on the Oregon program last year. The college game is a very emotional game. Having a player who can make plays can shift momentum. Let’s hope for the best.

    PS Your video’s are very well done.


  • Scott

    Hey VB,
    Explain you 3rd and 1 math?

  • VB

    Sorry. We’ll stall out on 3rd and 6. We’ll punt on 4th and 1.

    I stand corrected. Math was never my forte. Pissing people of is.