Saving money?

I was in the UCLA bookstore Monday and saw this advertisement, and I couldn’t help but chuckle. Something tells me the bookstore won’t be losing out on loads of money based on this promotion, given UCLA’s offense.

i-eb33463a8c364496a4a513b6860821cb-UCLA advertisement.JPG
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  • saxylady

    The Student Store actually has this promotion every year for every home game!!! They have something similar for basketball as well.

  • Anonymous

    Having a laugh at the team knowing the issues they are facing? What happened to reporter objectivity? Wait, is this Wolf’s blog?

  • Sid

    Yes this is a promotion that has been going on during football season for as long as I can remember (7 years at least).

    The similar promotion during basketball season is if UCLA wins a home game, the margin of victory is the amount of discount (ie: win by 10pts = 10% discount, 14pts = 14%, etc. up to a max of 25% off)

  • Anonymous

    sad and funny at the sametime…

  • cxcbruin

    Geez, loosen up folks. We’ve scored 3 offensive points in the last two games. If Dohn overlooks our offensive output, is that objectivity?

  • bobbyc

    C’mon, we should be able to have a sense of humor about the current state of things. It’ll get better, but this is what it is right now. That said, the ad IS kind of funny.

  • Rick

    What the hell, stock up for the future!

  • Bailey

    This used to be a great promotion back in the Cade McNown era!

  • Slippery Pete

    I think the first year they did this was 98 when I was a student, but they didn’t have the limit on 25% max discount. One game we got something like 7-8 touchdowns and I got a new hoodie for cheap. Not so much this year.

  • bruinbiochem06

    we’ll have to wait ’til basketball season to take advantage of these sales!


    Who cares about the football. Just give us some of that good-looking bear wear at any price so we can score, maybe even score big.

  • Sources

    well there was one touchdown, thanks to the fumble recovery.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Sid….

    The basketball promotion isn’t margin of victory, as you get a discount regardless of the outcome (i.e. UCLA doesn’t have to win). The % off is the point total for UCLA’s leading scorer, capped at 25%.

  • Bruin55

    Southern Cal should have a similar promotion, only it would give discounts for felony arrests that take place during the week. It could go something like this:

    5% discount for all Bandwaggon, errr Trojan Wear if (when) a Trojan football player is arrested for a felony* in the week before the game.

    *If the felony includes the use of a deadly weapon or constitutes a sex crime, the discount increases to 10%

  • VB

    How about handing out discounts to the fans who sit through the entire game? They should have the ushers stamp the ticket stubs of the people who leave AFTER THE GAME IS OVER. And anyone who is doing a crossword puzzle during the game is disqualified. Seriously, this freaking lady was doing an LA Times X-word puzzle most of the game. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF….

  • PUSC

    “Bandwaggon, errr Trojan Wear” is the 2006 game against suc, i heard one of the suc fans tell the other suc fan “i told you we should not have bought these suc shirts yesterday, now we look stupid”…i told them “don’t worry, anyone wearing that suc stuff looks stupid ALL THE FREAKIN TIME!!!”

  • Anonymous

    shoot.. it was a good promotion 3 years ago with Drew Olson, Marcades Lewis, and Maurice Jones-Drew… ah, those were the days.

  • DoubleBruin

    VB, I love your suggestion. In fact, I think there should be a stamp if you get in before kickoff.

  • Anonymous

    A great promotion would be if UCLA fans could a discount on every TD the OTHER team scores! Man, practically everything would be free!!!! Unfortunately, they still wouldn’t be able to give anything away.

  • hogsman

    Why do all the SC fans, except for Onlythetruth (which is sometimes a misnomer), leave anonymous comments? Is it because they’re scared to register? Or is it too difficult for them to figure out? šŸ˜‰ Maybe BD will decide one day to eliminate anonymous posts, of which most are childish insults by SC fans anyway.

  • cv1

    BD gets credit for every post registered or not. Keep up the good work Brian

  • Now that’s funny! I am much happier with Mark Cuban’s free tacos for Mavericks fans here in Dallas.