UCLA marketing Fresno State

Here is the link to a story in today’s Fresno Bee about UCLA marketing to draw in more Fresno State fans. This is what caught my eye:

UCLA placed the quarter-page ad in The Bee to try to sell the remaining tickets. Headlines in the ad said: “Fresno State vs. UCLA” and below it “So you can say ‘I was there,’ ” accompanied by a photograph of a packed Rose Bowl and ticket information.
“We talked to Fresno State about it to make sure they understood what we were attempting to achieve,” he said. “We thought it was a good idea because we had available seats to sell.”

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  • VB

    pffffffffff…. We may actually see more Fresno fans than Bruin fans this week. But at least the Bruin fans that are there will be doing their crossword puzzles.

  • Jose007

    sudoku man, sudoku

  • SCinHB

    Brought to you by the same team who did The Monopoly is Officially Over!

  • Agent

    Paid for by Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo “scholarship” fund…

  • Bailey

    Don’t forget that Football is the cash cow thay pays for all the Olympic Sports so we can have a tagline like “Champions Made Here”. People aren’t buying waterpolo tickets folks. When it boils down to it, they’ve gotta sell tickets and put rear ends in the Rose Bowl. I like it the different approach….although the Football Monopoly ad may have been a bit much.

  • BW

    Yup, we need to keep supporting our cash cow sport. That $59 season tickets for Volleyball won’t pay their traveling expenses.

  • WTF

    Putting fans in the seats – even if that means advertising to get the opposing team fans to fill them – isn’t this slap in our face? We can’t find enough of our fans to go so why not come out to “say I was there” for what?? Is the Mkt deptment expecting Fresno to beat us down???

  • Bailey

    I think you’re looking in to it too much WTF. I think the Marketing department is just trying to sell the Rose Bowl stadium as a “say you were there” type thing. Dont’ forget the marketing department also put together that video spot that was emailed about about the Rose Bowl being “America’s Stadium”.

    I highly doubt that the marketing department as stopped their efforts to sell to UCLA fans and alumni. If they’re putting an ad in the Fresno bee then that probably says something about the results their getting with their own fan base.

  • Ropp

    We haven’t won a Rose Bowl in a quarter of a century. Smaert to advertise it as “America’s” stadium. At least we are not being dishonest.