Answers, Part VIII

Here is the eighth set:

Do you ever hear anything about where Steve Lavin could become a coach at? I thought I heard USF was a real possibility a while back. Any grumblings, even if from a while ago? Also, whatever happened to his assistant who coached at USC for a bit?
Every time I talk to Lavin, he tells me how much he loves doing television and how he would only leave for the perfect job. Being five years out of coaching, I think that window for him to return is very small, especially since I think he does a very good job on television and doesn’t have to worry about all the other garbage that goes with coaching.
As for his former assistant, Jim Saia, last I heard he was the head coach at Fresno Pacific.

Khalil Bell has been in 2 publicized fights. Does he have an attitude, anger issue or is this heat of the moment stuff?
He is a very intense, high-strung competitor. I think the one involving Chris Markey was very different than the one with Derrick Coleman. The one with Coleman was a heat of the moment thing in which I don’t read too much into.

Have you noticed any confidence change in the players toward the coaching staff or in each other?
In all honesty, I don’t think the defense has as much confidence in the offense now as it did at the beginning of the season, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. None of the players will say it publicly, but it is a vibe I get since the players now say things like, “I only worry about our side of the ball.” But I don’t think players are losing confidence in the coaching staff. I get the sense the players are disappointed and feel they are letting the coaches down.

What are your impressions about this weekend’s recruiting visits?
What sport? And what do you want to know?

Since you’ve mentioned in the past that some recruits and their families read this blog, do you think the many negative reactions, comments, and complaints by fans here end up backfiring and hurting UCLA recruiting?
I don’t think so because most of the families realize the same people posting things about players are the same people who, if they met them, would smile, shake their hands and tell them what big fans they are, and how they wish them well. In other words, they don’t take them too seriously, unless it is a mean-spirited attack.
And, in some instances, the families or players agree.

With such a lack of talent on the roster and almost no impact players, do you think Neuheisel or any administrator higher up could goto the admissions people and ask for some special admits at least this year.
UCLA received a bunch of special admits in the 2008 class. Far more, I am told, than it can expect to get in the 2009 class. And if it were as simple as going to admission and ask for more special admits, it would be done.

This year’s recruiting class that signed in February was rated high, but what do you think about the previous class that signed under Dorrell/Walker/Scott in Feb 2007? Player for player, they were rated high, but they were not rated high overall because there were not many scholarships available.
There were solid players in the class, especially guys like linebacker Akeem Ayers, but the only one who jumps out is defensive tackle Brian Price. But having so few recruits in a class is not good for the overall health of a program.

Pac-10 committed to 1 BCS and 6 minor Bowls (Las Vegas, Poinsettia, Hawaii, Emerald, Holiday, and Sun)every year. This year we have weak Pac-10 and the 7th Pac-10 team may have a losing record. Does the losing record team still get invited or there is an escape clause with Pac-10 Conference Bowl Partners?
NCAA rules stipulate a team cannot go to a bowl game with a losing overall record. Therefore, teams must be at least 6-6 to go to a bowl, or that slot gets forfeited and, in most cases, the bowl can pick from a bunch of bowl eligible teams from other conferences.

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  • VB

    Yeah, so stop being so sensitive about VB’s statements. You heard it from Dohn himself. The families and players agree.

  • Anonymous

    “in some instances”

  • Bailey

    So Lavin could be the next Dick Vitale (former Pistons coach now lifetime ESPN broadcaster)…at least Lavin won’t be a homer for the ACC. Here’s a funny clip of Lavin busting on Vitale I found on youtube. I wish more people who would say what Lavin does in this clip.(Is this a pro-Lavin comment…woah!!)

  • Mario DiLeo

    Fresno Pacific? Isn’t that a credit union?