Answers, Part XVI

Folks, thanks again for all the questions. I hope the answers were helpful and entertaining. I’ll have pregame coverage, as well as coverage during after after Saturday’s game with Fresno State, so check back.
Now, onto the last set of questions for this week:

Why does every squirmish involving Bell gets his name mentioned, but the combatants in other fights remain anonymous? Isn’t that unfair?
Every skirmish? This is his second, and the first one got him suspended from the team a few seasons ago.

How is UCLA doing with Kapolei HS (Hawaii) OL Stan Hasiak?
Haven’t heard much lately on him, other than UCLA is still in the mix.

How do you pronounce “Brehaut”?

has there been a focused effort from alumni or any other group in trying to get UCLA’s administration to reconsider it’s special admit policy for athletes??
No, because it is a school policy. What the school makes in athletic dollars barely even registers compared to what the school gets in donations across its campus. The administration has proven time and again football is not important, which is why they have adopted this policy. I’m not saying it’s wrong, just how it is.

Do you know of any staff in the football or basketball world where they feel restricted from these admit policies?
There are plenty of schools like this, but many folks at those schools are comfortable with who they are, and don’t pretend to be anything different.

Your taking the time to do this Q&A is very much appreciated. Why is it that such a good blog is compromised by so many anonymous posters. Will you improve the blog in the future by requiring all the posters to sign in on movable type?
I don’t know how to handle it because I think some of the posters that cross the line the most are registered users. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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  • Fan4Life

    Love the Cal comment. “Come at me, I’m a reporter!”

  • jdoggbruin

    hopefully the loss to oregon state will keep the “anonymous” posters from dropping by as often.

    i, too, found the cal comment amusing; their panties get in such a bunch about that topic. am i allowed to say panties?

  • Burbank Bruin

    I’m not so sure about football being proved as not important. Southern Cal’s dominance of football recently has made it a very popular school here in LA. Within the academic community, that means very little…but you can’t deny the importance of a school’s popularity level within the local community.