My Harris poll

Here is my Harris Poll ballot for this week:

Rank # 1: LSU
Rank # 2: Oklahoma
Rank # 3: Alabama
Rank # 4: Texas
Rank # 5: Penn State
Rank # 6: Missouri
Rank # 7: Auburn
Rank # 8: South Florida
Rank # 9: Florida
Rank # 10: USC
Rank # 11: BYU
Rank # 12: Georgia
Rank # 13: Ohio State
Rank # 14: Kansas
Rank # 15: Utah
Rank # 16: Texas Tech
Rank # 17: Boise State
Rank # 18: Vanderbilt
Rank # 19: Virginia Tech
Rank # 20: Oregon
Rank # 21: Wake Forest
Rank # 22: Wisconsin
Rank # 23: Ball State
Rank # 24: Fresno State
Rank # 25: Oklahoma State

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  • silverlake bruin


    What has USC done to deserve to be ranked above BYU?

  • j doe

    I would flip-flop LSU and Alabama. ‘Bama is destroying teams.

  • Stan

    lsu has not played anyone. sure, they beat auburn after falling behind, but auburn only plays defense and cant score. (auburn 14 tenn 12)lsu plays 8 out of 12 games at home and will not play an out of conference game on the road, much less anyone other than sec school ranked. How do we know how good they are if they only play sec schools and no strong teams outside the conference. And dont forget, both of their BCS championships were virtually played at home. Oh yeah, the tigers still have troy to play this year…at home.

    Laplace, Louisiana

  • Anonymous

    why do you think so little of Texas Tech? They improve each year.

  • sactownbruin

    why does georgia fall further than florida?