Price at FB

It wasn’t a surprise when UCLA defensive tackle lined up at fullback for a few short-yardage plays since the Bruins first practiced it during training camp. However, Price, who also had an interception, said he enjoyed playing on the offensive side.
“I was already prepared for it,” Price said. “I”m going to wait for them to call it again so I can do it again.”

  • VB

    That was pretty awesome. I love how Chow and Neuheisel are being innovative. Unlike our defensive coordinator who seems to have lost his touch since that 13-9 victory. Our offense played great. The defense lost us this game.

  • Anonymous

    price, our DT played as a full back? rilly i dont remember that, i must have missed it? did those boring commentators even mention it at all??? did he get the ball?? what a trip….