Running gains

UCLA increased its confidence measurably along the offensive line by rushing for 234 yards on 38 carries, for an average of 6.2 yards per try.
There were some circumstances with it, like quarterback Kevin Craft’s scrambling (46 rushing yards) and the Bruins catching Fresno State by surprise utilizing running back Derrick Coleman with a direct snap a few times, one of which led to a 44-yard run.
However, the line also got its best surge of the season.
“I just think it’s coaching,” UCLA center Jake Dean said. “Norm Chow is the best offensive coordinator in college football. (Offensive line) Coach (Bob) Palcic works us every week, and is getting the best out of it. It’s slowly coming along. …We’ll build off this game and try to come out and do better against Washington State next week.”

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  • VB

    Remarkable improvement. Our offense did everything they needed to do in order to put us in the best position to win. Our defense and special teams, however, lost this game for us.. BIG TIME.