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I will have more stuff from UCLA’s loss throughout the day, as well as an update from Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel, after he watches film with the staff today.
Here is the game story and the notebook I wrote, the side bar from Ramona Shelburne and Steve Dilbeck’s column.
One thing I found interesting after the game was the good mood of many of the players. I’m still trying to figure out if it is because they felt good about some positives after two poor performances, or if there is something more to it.

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    Coleman’s fumble did not necessarily cost ucla a victory. Games are not played in a vacuum where one set of circumstances can be isolated from the whole. Even if ucla scores there still would have been about 6 or 7 minutes left for Fresno State to counter, and with its great quarterback-running back combo it would not have been surprising to see them pull it off…

    Not sure what effect a home crowd in football has (although oddsmakers generally give 3 points to the home team), but the Fresno State rooters gave the game a 50-50 rooters’ feel. Coach Hill of the Bulldogs said it felt as if it were a home game. And several briuns’ players were disappointed with the ucla ad campaign championing Fresno State to go to the Rose Bowl for an epoch moment (finally a victory over ucla at the Rose Bowl)…

    Not sure what to make of ucla’s offensive progress because of the jury-still-out on the Fresno State defense. And ucla’s defense probably is not that bad because of the mature, talented FSU offense…

    Aside from perhaps Oklahoma, there apparently are no great teams in America, so anything can happen in one particular football game.

  • uscfd

    If the players were in a good mood after the game, then they’ve accepted defeat and this season is over. Don’t look for their best effort until Dec. 6.
    And, to be honest, I don’t think the fan base would mind losing the rest of the games just to win that one. It shows the difference in mentality of the two programs.

  • Gordon Gekko

    Well said Truth. Even though UCLA may have lost the game, there is obvious progress being made. The o-line is getting great game experience, the running game is picking up, Kevin Craft isn’t throwing INTs left and right. If the young secondary can start picking it up, we’d start to build for a much brighter looking future.

  • doug4ucla

    I know this is a disappointment, BUT THINK BACK TO THE KD days and it is a whole lot better………

  • pr

    The Fresno fans were very classy before and after the game. Probably the most civil bunch we have ever had at the Rose Bowl considering their numbers. I am content with the performance of the Bruins. They were in the game the entire time and actually had a chance to win. They have grown considerably from their past 2 performances. Kudos to RH, NC and DW.

  • BruinFBBB

    ONLYTHEFALSE reminds me a lot of Curt Schilling. He’ll provide unsolicited opinions to anyone, anywhere. It would be better if he stuck to his own board though. Very philosophical…