Going down field, other stuff

Here is the notebook I wrote in today’s paper in which UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel talks about the need to throw the ball down the field more, as well as other things about Saturday’s loss.
Also, below is a comment from Bruins tailback Kahlil Bell, who was asked about freshman Derrick Coleman’s fumble.
“No one on this football team should point to him, no one in this stadium should point to him, nobody affiliated with UCLA should point to him,” Bell said. “There were so many opportunities for us to win this game, early in the game and at the end of the game. We just couldn’t finish, couldn’t capitalize. It’s not just him. It’s everybody. He’ll be fine. He’ll dust himself off. He’s a young buck, he’s got a lot of football left to play here and he’s going to help this team out.”

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  • miguelito

    It’s good to hear that Bell had some positive words for his boy Coleman.

  • Bailey

    Absolutely! Keep plugging away Coleman! Bruins got your back!

  • Bruintx

    I agree! I hope Coleman gets nothing but positive reinforcement. Mistakes happen, especially to freshmen. Hopefully, he’ll learn from this and be a better player because of it.

  • Fumbles ought to have some sort of a scale of ourtright negligence-to-freakish occurrence beyond one’s control. On the one hand, we’ve seen players just drop a ball with no one even touching them. On the other hand, when the ball gets hit by an opponent’s helmet with a lot of force at the right angle it is going to pop loose no matter how hard the ball carrier was grasping it. It happened in some pro games yesterday and no one pointed to the inexperience of a rookie because those kind of fumbles happened to seasoned players.

  • Johnny Angel

    Gotta love this team!