Neuheisel quickies

Injury updates from coach Rick Neuheisel:
WR Marcus Everett will return to practice but a decision whether he can play will be made later in the week.
LB Kyle Bosworth remains “a ways away” from returning, according to Neuheisel.
Neuheisel said RB Aundre Dean (ankle) should back at practice Tuesday, as will TE Cory Harkey (ankle) and DE Korey Bosworth (elbow).
As far as personnel, Neuheisel said Micah Kia, who was the starting left tackle the first three games, could wind up being the backup tackle at both the right and left side because of the emergence of freshman left tackle Jeff Baca.
In talking about why running back Kahlil Bell was not in the game when Derrick Coleman fumbled in the fourth quarter, Neuheisel said it was a coach’s decision because Bell (20 carries) already put in a lot of work in coming back from an ankle injury.
While Bell said he was ready to go, Neuheisel likened him to the Monty Python character who gets his arm cut off and states, “It’s just a flesh wound.”
As for the defense, Neuheisel said overall the unit is playing well, but “we hav e three to four big plays a game right now that are killing us.”

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    I love it in baseball when a pitcher states how he threw a great game except for that one pitch (a grand slam that won the game for the other team).

    And ucla is just “three to four big plays a game” from winning? If it is touchdowns the Coach is talking about then that is a lot of ground to make up.

  • pr

    VB Forgive OTT. He/She was probably one of the 800 hospitalized and still a little faint from Saturday.

  • VB

    OTT makes me look like Vic the Brick.

  • VB

    Dang it! Dohn is like a cop today! 2 posts deleted with zero profanity! ARGGGGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!

  • el guapo

    i don’t the fact that RN is being flippant about a poor coaching decision. he blew a few calls during that game and he is looking for humor. a head coach CANNOT act this way, it was his REAL downfall at both previous schools!

  • Anonymous

    Come on, you have to love a coach that quotes Monty Python. We just need to keep looking on the bright side of life and remember that we’re not dead yet, we are getting better.

  • pr

    Bad link sorry about the bad netiquette. Her is the proper link.

  • BradleyBruin

    OTT, RN said “we have three to four big plays a game right now that are killing us.”

    He did not say “we are three to four big plays a game from winning”.