The betting line on this game presents some interesting considerations. I know that the line does not always reflect how the “experts” view the true differential between the two combatants, but instead is what they feel will generate a 50-50 bet (so that they can reap their 10% profits off the losers). But would you lay 18 or so points (the betting line) on ucla winning by that many? In other words, would you want to spot Washington State an 18-0 lead to start the game?

    I know the Cougs have been wiped out in a couple of games this year, and I have no idea what kind of a team it has although obviously not a great one. But ucla has not been any great shake either out of the gate.

    If I were a betting man, and I only bet on gold, I would reflect on how ucla has had a difficult time scoring this year, and would take the 18 points and make ucla prove it is that much better than Washington State.