Scary numbers

It is not pretty when it comes to the national rankings, and I’m not talking about UCLA.
Washington State, statistically speaking, is not good.
Here’s a few tidbits:
The Cougars’ only when is against Football Championship Subdivision (formerly I-AA) Portland State. The losses are to Oklahoma State (39-13), California (66-3), Baylor (45-17) and Oregon (63-14).
Also, out of 119 teams, the Cougars rank:
117th in scoring defense (44.4 ppg)
118 th in rushing defense (269 ypg)
106 th in total defense (436 ypg)
118 th in turnover margin (minus 2.6 per game)
92 nd in rushing offense (120.8 ypg)
96 th in total offense (322.4)
103 rd in scoring offense (19 ppg)
113 th in sacks allowed (3 per game)

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  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, ours aren’t much better.

  • dproduct

    Well, it’s looking good for us then!

    Under Dorrell I’d say, we’ll get creamed, but maybe, just maybe, Neuheisel will win games we should win.


  • GuttyLittleBruins25

    so your saying there’s a chance….

  • pr

    Payback time! KD got UCLA killed everytime he played WSU. On a side note, a friend sent me a link to Scott Wolf’s Photo. I was wondering what he looked like. Quite the face for radio.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Paul Rodarte\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\6SROH08O\KleinWolf[1].jpg

  • boelterbruin

    Dear Paul Rodarte,
    That was quite the epic failure.

  • Grammar?

    Since when is win spelled when? šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Brian, any word on expected attendance for the WSU game? Nowhere near the Fresno State numbers I’m guessing. Thanks.

  • g2ucla

    Scarier number, 1-4!

  • Zippy

    Second that, boelter, epic on all fronts. D’OH!!!


  • Bailey

    Hey PR (Paul Rodarte),

    The link you posted is to your own “C” drive – or hard drive…which is why we can’t see it and why boelterbruin and Zippy jokingly called it an epic failure.

    Is there a website address that you’ve seen it on? Thanks for your efforts!

  • RV

    UCLA defense has given up 130+ points in the last 3 games…those are numbers that unfortunately will bring smiles to any team UCLA faces this year…someone UCLA coach has a lot of explaining to do…

  • Zippy

    Not sure which I liked more, the busted link path to his own PC or the fact the path contained his full name. That said, on the upside it takes the hassle of having to remember your handle out of the mix, so maybe “all fronts” was a stretch…

    Bruins by 14 on Saturday, and a big game for Bell.

  • pr

    I posted the correct link, but it was taken down. Sorry.

  • Zippy

    Pretty funny, Paul – perhaps Wolf requested BD remove it because he is nervous for his safety at the Coliseum? Not sure who SC fans hate more these days, Scott Wolf or UCLA…