UCLA-Fresno State report card

Here is my report card for UCLA’s loss to Fresno State. Feel free to vote on what you think the grades should be.

Fresno State 36, UCLA 31
Record 1-3; Weekly grade: C

Grade: C+
The accuracy must improve, but Kevin Craft (11 of 20, 150 yards) made solid decisions and did not turn the ball over.

Running backs
Grade: C
Backs accounted for 159 yards and two TDs, but no overlooking Derrick Coleman’s costly fumble.

Grade: C-
Taylor Embree and Terrence Austin were only wideouts with catches. Is there anyone to stretch the field?

Offensive line
Grade: B
Fresno State wasn’t world-beaters on defense, but 234 yards rushing and one sack makes qualifies OL coach Bob Palcic as miracle worker.

Defensive line
Grade: C-
DTs Brian Price and Brigham Harwell playing well, but more production is needed from DEs.

Grade: C
Easy to see why coaches are high on Akeem Ayers (3 tackles, 1 sack), but LBs didn’t make plays on FSU’s last drive.

Grade: D-
Something needs to get figured out in UCLA’s nickel package because it is the Achilles heel of the defense.

Special teams
Grade: C-
Strong returns and a blocked PAT, but allowed a punt return for TD, had a PAT blocked and hold negated UCLA TD on opening kick.

Grade: C
Bruins are prepared and the offensive game plan was creative, but staff must find someone who can cover in nickel packages.

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  • GuttyLittleBruins25

    Don’t forget the questionable coaching decision to accept the holding penalty that led to giving FSU another third down chance and a 25 yard screen pass for a TD

  • Coaching decisions are based upon foresight — an evaluation of what is likely to happen. They should not be graded upon what actually happened when there is the advantage of hindsight.

  • Sunset Bruin

    It is always interesting to hear what armchair coaches would do after the play happens. Perhaps it was a questionable call, but if FSU’s third down play fails, RN is a genius.

  • gubon13

    I’m not sure what would have been so genius about it – they still would have had a good shot at a field goal.

  • TK Bruin

    Brian — your report cards are too harsh. There were many more bright spots than you are giving credit for.

    It’s important to see that this week we gave one of the best teams in the country a run for it’s money.

    Special teams & Austin were thrilling, with huge run-backs and a extremely rare blocked kick that resulted in a point swing of three points!

    Bell made a huge difference, and our offense put up 31 points!

    Admint it Brian, if Coleman hadn’t fumbled, you’d be writing about how great the Bruins are.

  • silverlake bruin


    Very strange. We lose to a top 25 team by 5 and we had an average grade of C With this talent? Really???

    Something went really right for us to have a chance to win this game in the fourth quarter. I think you are grading too hard…

  • HomeBru

    The harsh grades are because Dohn doesn’t think fresno st. is a good team. Although I thought we had a pretty good game, I tend to agree with him.

  • Anonymous

    PAC 10 officiating is normally shakey, but there were a couple of terrible calls.

    Grade: F