• g2ucla


  • VenturaBruin

    I wonder if he’ll try to hire Karl Dorrell in some capacity with the Raiders.

  • Anonymous

    an sc product being called a ‘flat-out liar’??? come on, who’s ever gonna believe that?

  • Anonymous

    Dorrell has a job with the Dolphins. And Al Davis makes all hiring decisions anyway.

  • Fan4Life

    Dorrell’s former assistants:

    DJ McCarthy. Receivers. LSU
    Jim Colletto. OC Detroit Lions (OL coach in 2007)
    Don Johnson. DLine. Raiders (Before that DL coach w/Bears)
    Brian Schneider. ST coach Raiders.
    Jon Wristen. HC Colorado State – Pueblo. (former UCLA LB Mike Babcock is coaching TEs)
    Jon Embree. TE coach KC Chiefs.
    Bob Connelly. Co-OC & Associate HC. Utep
    Jay Norvell. Asst OC & Receivers.
    Eric Bieniemy. Running backs. Vikings.
    Tom Cable. HC Raiders(OL coach Raiders; OL coach Falcons)
    Dino Babers. Receivers/Recruiting coordinator Baylor.
    Jim Svoboda. Asst HC & Asst OC. Montana State.

    Anyone else?

  • Fan4Life

    Left out Norvell is with the Sooners.

  • Bruintx

    I thought Cable was smarter than that!!

  • Bailey

    Great list Fan4Life – thanks for posting!


    Glad to see all of Dorrell’s assistants moved on with their lives and got new jobs.

    But the life of a coach, traveling all over the country, the hours, getting fired, is not a life most men could handle.

    I guess to do the job you have to love football more than I do.

  • Sam Gilbert

    It’s a push for Cable.

    Feel bad for him:
    -He’ll have to deal with Alsheimer Al’s nonsense for the rest of the year.

    Don’t feel too bad:
    -Like Kiffin a couple years back no one will expect him to succeed with the organization since nobody could, nothing he can do will seem like a failure.

    I’d suggest keeping in touch with Kiffin. When Al hires a flashy expensive coach during the off season (who will also fail) he can get a job at Syracuse, Washington, Arkansas or wherever Kiffin ends up as HC next year.

  • OC Bruin

    Yet another example of former trojans failing in the NFL… and former Bruins succeeding.

  • Anonymous

    Well, best of luck to him but maybe we should wait until he wins a game and removes the word “interim” from his job title before describing him as “succeeding.”

  • OC Bruin

    Well, anytime anyone gets a promotion, interim or not, they’re succeeding at what they’re doing – at least for the time being. Clearly, they’re not moving backwards.

  • Anonymous

    ok, fair enough.