Defensive adjustment

True freshman Tony Dye was UCLA’s nickel back, replacing Courtney Viney as UCLA looks to improve its third-down defense.

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  • Viney has the quickness to play the position but he has made some costly mistakes.

  • ReelBruin2

    This ain’t pop warner. Mistakes = bench.

  • Anonymous

    Viney is a good player. Don’t be mistaken, he will learn from his mistakes and he will be a more than solid contributer on this UCLA team very shortly

  • Anonymous

    Thank God. I’ve been waiting for this to happen ever since the BYU game. It’s a no brainer…

  • Anonymous

    No brainer?

    That would be to bench Norris. Or atleast give him Safety help. We all know they target the WR he’s covering.

  • SBBruin

    We do? Seems to me Verner has gotten torched just as often as Norris this year.

    I think the blame can be handed out across the board. Ends haven’t been able to get to the quarterback, Tackles are having problems stuffing the runs up the middle, Linebackers haven’t nearly performed up to expectations, Safeties are raw and often caught out of place, and Corners cant tackle or play too far off the receiver.

    Just my opinion.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    “Ends haven’t been able to get to the quarterback”

    Glad someone else noticed that as well. A good pass rush doesn’t cover up all secondary deficiencies…but it sure does help.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Verner got torched against BYU but the whole Defense sucked that day. You cant bench ATV. He’s our Top Defensive player in the backfield. Watch how many times they go towards Norris/Viney during games.

    But I totally agree its across the board and it starts with putting pressure on the QB if we dont our DBs will get torched. i just think we should start using our young DBs now it would only benefit the Defense in the future.

  • Anonymous

    At what point does UCLA make other changes in the defense…primarily the secondary? The SENIOR Brett Lockett continues to miss tackles, which have been pointed out numerous times, also I might add, have in many ways cost UCLA the past two games. Its not just one position that needs to change, there are a plethera of changes that need to be made. I believe Viney has been chosen as a safe fall guy. He’s a red-shirt freshman and mistakes are going to be made due to his lack of experience, however the consistant LACK of COVERAGE from seniors is unacceptable. They too need to be benched. Start fresh and show us what else the BRUINS have to offer. I believe Obama’s message of CHANGE should be adopted by the bruins, we are tired of more of the same.