Post-practice goodies

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said practice was expectedly on the sloppy side with it being an installation day, but he was pleased with the effort and did not get the sense the Bruins were in any way, shape or form overlooking Washington State.
On the injury front, Neuheisel said receiver Marcus Everett (toe) was “doubtful” to play against Washington State. Tailback Aundre Dean (ankle) returned to practice after missing the last two games.
Also, starting left tackle Jeff Baca sat out practice with an illness, but Neuheisel said Baca should be back Wednesday. Micah Kia took over the reps with the first offense.
Starting right tackle Nick Ekbatani also took reps with the second team offense at center, a necessity since backup center/guard Micah Reed is out for a week or two with a torn MCL. Mike Harris took some reps at right tackle with the first team, but only because Ekbatani needed some rest.

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  • It is a measure of Jake Dean’s performance that ever since he was put in at center in the emergency caused by Micah Reed’s knee injury, Dean has held that position. When Reed returned to action last week he was put in at right guard. Of course, that is also a comment on Glicksberg, isn’t it? Palcic keeps on juggling to get the best linemen on the field at the same time. If you have six linemen (including the tight end) then there are 720 different combinations for Palcic to try just with the starters. I calculate that if you try to figure all the possible combinations with the two-deep roster it is over 4 million.

  • sportlvr11

    Why are the practices’ all of a sudden so sloppy? RN was supposed to turn this program around……right? The only thing that has improved was Austin this past sat!

    Where is this dynasty team RN promised us? Why are we all of a sudden looking like worse this year than the past 6 years?!

    Am I the only (season ticket holder) fan who is wondering what mess did we get ourselves into with this new almighty coach?

    What new tricks will RN come up with for this weeks GAME? We on game 5, lets just pray WSU doesnt come up with a W. otherwise we will be the laughing stock of the Pac 10!!!!

  • pxcasey

    It’s sloppy because they’re trying a new game plan. See where Dohn wrote ‘installation day’? Dynasty teams don’t come around this quickly. We’re looking this bad because of Dorrell’s recruiting efforts. He didn’t exactly have stellar recruiting classes. Give RN several years to recruit and develop his players. Please try to understand how to build a football team, it doesn’t happen in a few months.

    Relax and get under a desk or something, that way when the sky falls it doesn’t fall on your head.